I witnessed a SupernovađŸŒ»

I witnessed a Supernova yesterday,It woke me up from a dreamy slumber And placed me against a big white ball of fire,
Was it real? Or was it my slumber?
Perhaps; I’m just a pathological liar.
But on the offchance that I ain’t one,
Let me describe to you a vivid recreation,
Of my bright, burning experience.

The supernova was extremely bright yet equally silent,I watched in amazement & terror,And wondered if the sun would ever unleash such horror,To get rid of our big blue ball of error.A guest interrupted this glorious
moment : My mind :Said to me that it was time to revisit the significance of my insecurities;
And that they were tiny & irrelevant in a universe so grand.Whose fate was already plotted by a superior being,
Who spun the wheel of time when he saw fit.

The world could not believe me that i witnessed a supernova .And it’s memories wouldn’t relieve me.I saw a crescent moon hidden in the nova’s shadow,
Hiding secrets unbeknownst to mankind,
Well, who am I judge?
After all I’ve seen only half it’s side.

Questions arise in the aftermath of what I’ve witnessed,
The wait for answers is but a futile one,
Since none believe in the existence of my story.I write this story as a last hope,To do justice to the great starburst;Witness me, oh great audience!As I explode into mystery & light,Going home to my supernova
Beyond reach,Beyond sight

Idea behind my story 😐
The stars have the most violent beginning and the most violent ends .The war is never really over for them, not when they’re constantly burning in order to survive; hydrogen atoms colliding haphazardly and repeatedly to create the energy that keeps it shining bright, they say people throw rocks at things that shine. But stars do this to themselves–self-destruction as a means of survival, they eventually run out of fuel and then, blow themselves apart to create an SUPERNOVA seen across the UNIVERSE that will eventually fade away.It’s only once the burning has stopped that a star truly, completely dies, they never asked to live this way.

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