Kids to celebrate their reopening after vacation

Yet another academic year begins today. This time too on a subdued note due to the Covid pandemic. Last year when classes took the online method due to the Covid first wave, entire process was experimental. With no experience of conducting or learning from virtual classes, students, teachers and parents went along.

However Covid brought many changes to the world. The general education department has organized several activities aimed at welcoming the tiny students joining class 1. As part of this new students and their parents will be contacted by authorities. Since classes are confined to homes, the department has come up with different programs within home. Students are provided with decorative items like balloons, stickers along with their textbooks to decorate.

As for the teaching-learning process, the department has come up with a strategy that will see students reaping maximum benefit from lessons. As classes are conducted through online there are different bviews on condicting examination for the promotion of plus one students to plus two. A report comprising various factors in this regard had been submitted. As the first step, during the first week, there would be bridging classes to connect with what happened in the last academic year to ensure seamless continuity in the digital mode. This time there will be more interactive classes with the teachers coming live from their classrooms and there will be sessions which would give the students a real classroom feel. All the classes was held in the digital mode last year and the same would happen this time too.

Let us hope that next year onwards we can restart our offline classes so that our students will be more happy and tension free. Let us pray to erase the entire pandemic from the world, so that bee can step out from the four boundaries of our home and can see the colours of the outside world.

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