Vaccination: Why the hesitation?

Covishield and Covaxin are the two major words that is parading the tongues of Indian at the moment. With the vaccination drives going on around the country, many people are energetic to be vaccinated to fight this “Mahamari”. Nearly 24 crore people have been vaccinated in India and still there is a long way to go.

Some sort of hesitation can be seen among people about taking the vaccination and are blindfolded due to some sort of prejudice. There is a case scenario where they see these vaccination camps as a sort of public socialization and are meeting their friends and family in the vaccination camps. Who could blame them? They have been locked up in their houses since March 2020 and its been more than a year since they can go out. And with the doses being of shortage and people moving from one camp to another only increases the chances of being contracted with the virus. Now, can we blame the officials for not controlling the public’s movements in the public places? The answer is yes and no. There are some corrupt officials about whom there need not be further discussion but there ARE some officials who work hard, putting their families and themselves at risk, creating awareness, fining the rule breakers and finding creative and harmless ways to punish the lockdown violators and needless to say, get trending in social media.

Believe it or not, social media is really helpful in this way. Recently, there were a group of women police constables who danced to latest hits with their own twist in the lyrics about safety against the virus. Now, coming back to the vaccination drives, why are people hesitant? There may be several reasons. One might be not aware of the positive effects of the vaccination. There is no end to the gossip circle that goes around in our country and sometimes it can be so ridiculous that the topic would have strayed far away from the original topic of discussion. So, this might the second reason, because we have to accept that all bodies are different, some people react negatively to the vaccination and this one in a thousand story stops our people from getting vaccinated.

They think they might get affected too BECAUSE of the vaccine and not vice versa. Another category of people might think that they are safe enough and stay at home all the time, adhering to all the government polices and that the virus cannot affect them. They sometimes forget that the government also insists on getting vaccinated. But these reasons have slowed down recently as more and more people have started getting vaccinated but keeping in mind the population of our country, we still have a long way to go until each and every one of us get vaccinated.

We need to remember that a vaccination is only one way of fighting this virus and we cannot sit back and let our guard down after getting vaccinated. We still need to wear masks, maintain social distancing and stay at home. As our Hon’ble Prime Minister says, we need to stick together (not literally!!) and fight this virus.

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