New Microsoft Surface Duo (2020): Is it worth the hype?

Many of you would have probably heard about Microsoft surface Duo already and discarded it as just another smartphone in the market which fancy features to attract buyers. You wouldn’t have considered it an innovation but just as another smartphone.  But when you view it through the technical lens, you will realize that this is the future. This post does not go deep into the exact specifications of the device, but answers the question of is it worth the hype. To check specifications, visit here.

What is Microsoft Surface Duo?
Microsoft Surface Duo front

The Microsoft Surface Duo- Front appearance.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, surface duo is a foldable smartphone with two screens. The scope of foldable screens is not just limited to the smartphone industry. It can be used in many life changing devices ranging from the medical sector to military use. The possibilities are just endless.

In short, Microsoft Surface duo is a glimpse of the future!

So now back to the present. Let us go deeper into knowing the features, major pros, cons and more of the surface duo.

To start with, let me address the firsts. This is the first:

  • foldable phone from Microsoft
  • dual screen pocketable device
  • 360 degree hinge
  • razor slim

These are the feats achieved by just the release of the phone. I’ll tell you why it is genuinely being applauded, one word: Multitasking.


In this busy generation, world cannot function without multitasking. Many of us would’ve seen dual monitor setups being used to improve multitasking capabilities and to improve productivity. Instead of such bulky setups, Microsoft Surface Duo achieves all of this and still can fit into a pocket. Pretty great right.

You can now be chilling to the lyrics of your favorite song on one screen and going through your calendar for the next week. You can watch you video lectures on one screen and take notes in the other. The combinations are huge!

To support this sort of multitasking, Microsoft provides various modes to view the screens.

  • Single screen mode – where it can be used like any other normal smartphone
  • Tent mode – for 2 people watching simultaneously
  • Span mode and more
A Dual monitor setup

A Dual monitor setup

  • Surface Duo double screen

    The dual screens allow multitasking. Left screen with spotify, right screen with mail box opened. 

Is it worth the hype?

To be honest, the answer is disappointingly no, considering common users. Due to the dual screen, an extra layer of hand gestures are added the name of enhancements which only make it more complex. For one screen you have to remember to double tap to wake the screen, remember gestures for opening certain features, to switch apps between the two screens. All of it makes the user interface difficult.

All basic features that other phones have, like camera, speakers, battery performance are all second generation here. Some drawbacks observed are:

  • Confusing Software
  • Basic features- Second generation
  • No 5G
  • No headphone jack
  • No wireless charging
  • Camera and Speakers- Not so good for a high end phone
  • Expensive ($1500/INR 1.7Lakhs)
  • Battery drain due to dual screen

Hence it has many drags and hiccups as it is still in the research and developmental stage.

What to expect in the future?

Even though it suffers from major functionality issues, Microsoft took the big leap. It has set foot in a new field which requires more exploration. But it is sure that in the future all giant brands will release a range of foldable phones. And one more exciting news is that the Surface Duo 2 is said to be released this year. Hopefully the major drags of the previous version are rectified in Duo 2 and meanwhile all we can do is wait for the future of foldable phones unveil before us.