The Fall of Satan

In the poem “Paradise Lost” John Milton talks about the fall of Satan and also how the forbidden fruit affected the almighty’s command. The main idea behind Paradise Lost is for people to have a reason in everything.His main idea behind reason is the connectivity to God. Milton’s poem has a religious connection to God and his creativity of Satan. The poem talks about man’s first act of disobedience, the disobedience that went onto the fall of Satan from God’s heaven to hell. John Milton portrays the devil as his muse, he questions the people for deciding the good and the bad in the world. John Milton very beautifully yet rationally portrays Satan as the prodigal son who was not afraid to leave the house of the creator.

The poem has beautiful elements with reference to the Bible and it makes us question the ‘Fall’ of Satan from Heaven to Hell and how he was degraded in the eyes of the universe. He keeps his source of inspiration greater than any other poets of his time. The Biblical reference of the ‘Forbidden fruit’ gives the idea of man’s first sin against God. The sin was commited by Adam and Eve by eating the ‘Forbidden Fruit’. The fruit was just a bate to attract Adam and Eve to commit a sin against God this tells us about how many human beings commit a sin and never acknowledge it or reflect on it. The Bible teaches us obedience towards God and all the creation of God. God sees Satan falling from heaven into the fiery grounds of hell. It was due to disobedience that he fell to hell. The main theme of the poem is that God’s decisions must be obeyed, as he is the creator and the destroyer.

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