Every man is born free, it is the shackles of religion which binds him.

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India is the country, we know for its unity, binding people from every religion, caste, creed etc. but the difference comes when one community considers itself superior to others. Despite of knowing the fact that there is only ONE GOD, then….

Why man fights for petty things ?

Why a child from its birth is taught the difference between communities instead of unity ?


The reason is our EDUCATION.

As Albert Einstein said ;

Education is the only thing which should remain imbibed within us after we leave the school.

There is a need to teach communal harmony at elementary level and with the pace so that the child should not forget his ethics. Teaching by videos, prayers, speeches, posters, slogans can make the child learn at its best. It is pertinent to teach children so that they do not become priest who would preach superiority and the strength of his religion.

Communal harmony and the Internal Security of India are interlinked

Gone are the days when we didn’t allow lower caste to enter temple or criticize the minorities. The society prevails only when there is a bond between different communities.

We must not forget the theme on which Indian culture sustains, that is

Unity In Diversity’.