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Are you a student who is worried about your 10th grade or 12th grade board exams? Well, you need not worry anymore. ‘How I Topped the Boards and You Can Too’ by Gaurav Sood has all the tips and tricks you need to excel, not only in boards but also in other school exams. You do not need to be a topper to top; anyone, me, you and even your dog can do it(or maybe not your dog)!

This book is an honest guide. It contains all the details regarding one’s preparation, from day 1 to the finals. All the eating habits, sleeping habits, notes preparation, and other important aspects of a student’s life are covered. At first look it might seem like a self-brag book rather than a self-help book, but as you progress further, you understand the author’s emotions. All his so-presumed brags serve as good inspirations. One can both be great at academics and life. Also, the tips are not some magical spells, you do need to add your hard work to make them work, after all this is not some fantasyland(sorry to remind you but you live in a boring, no-magic world). 

This book indeed helped me to score great in my exams. It is unlike other self-help books. In this book the author dives deeper,  giving us his own experiences as a teen. All the myths regarding ‘toppers’ are shattered throughout the book. Moreover, all the help tips are not just his opinions or some make believe, he has given scientific explanations and referred to scientific researches too. I loved this book even more because of the interesting way in which it’s written. The author has used amusing language to keep the readers indulged. You may or may not find some very interesting memes in this book(I loved them!). The summary chapters are wonderful; they provide a quick glance of all the preparation tips.

 The book is more than a mere guide. It is a motivation, asking us to seek the best within ourselves. As Gaurav Sood says, “If you want to be the best, you’ve got to want it more than everyone else. It has to come from within.” 

I wish to rate this book a 5 stars since it truly deserves it. I recommend this to all teens who are too stressed for the boards. 

About the author: 

Gaurav Sood graduated from The Doon School as the all-India ISC Board examination topper in 2008. He secured 99 percent, the highest marks in India’s history, and was felicitated with various national awards.

He then did his bachelor’s in economics from St Stephen’s College, where he secured the most sought- after campus-recruitment offer—a role as one of the youngest management consultants at McKinsey & Company.

Gaurav then took his GMAT and TOEFL exams, where he got a near-perfect 780 and a perfect 120, respectively, and is currently on a full scholarship at the University of Oxford.

In his free time, Gaurav can either be found trying to (unsuccessfully) emulate Roger Federer on the tennis court or tormenting people in the vicinity with his music, under the name Rooftop Sundays. He’s also a terrible cook, who, by some miracle, once managed to explode five eggs. Understandably, he’s now banned from his mother’s kitchen.

-from the book’s back cover.

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