Now Black Fungus can be diagnosed early with a newly launched “DUTCH KIT”

The efficacy of the Dutch Kit is quite similar like RTPCR for COVID-19, explains Dr. K Bhujang Shetty.

Black fungus or mucormycosis is a fatal condition which is seen recently in most of the patients who are recovered from COVID-19.  Due to increase in number of patients affected by the deadly fungus, there is a severe shortage of  Amphotericin B (the drug which is required for it’s treatement).

Due to it’s recent advent in the market, people are unaware of it’s symptoms and when they are diagnosed with Black fungus, most of the damage is being done. Hence, to prevent that to happen Narayana Nethralaya’s Chairman, Dr. K Bhujang Shetty and his team have come up with a rapid solution for mucormycosis which they call it as the ‘Dutch Kit’.

According to Dr. Shetty, the efficacy of the Dutch kit is quite similar with RTPCR test of COVID-19.  “We are seeing lot of patients who gets panic and rush to the hospital even if they have a slight nose block. As such there is no rapid tool which can diagnose mucormycosis. Presently what we have is, it takes minimum 10 days to confirm. Since the fungi needs to be cultured in  lab before knowing the exact group. So we brought in this Dutch kit. As the name indicates, it is imported from The Netherlands. The kit as a whole efficiently detects fungal infection in 24 to 48 hours. All we need is the patient’s blood sample and lesion if possible. There are 5 main varieties of mucormycosis and it can be detected and differentiated easily through this method. And the accuracy is 100%” explains Dr. K Bhujang Shetty.

Narayana Nethralaya has already tested the Dutch Kit in approximately 25 people who were doubtful of the fungal infection. Several hospitals are looking  for this kit, which can provide results quickly, with good efficacy and saves time as well. It has come as a big relief for people as they can check themselves whenever they are in doubt of the fungal infection after paying Rs- 7000 for the kit.

Mucormycosis if left untreated or diagnosied at a later stage can prove fatal. Some patients are also getting panicked by the mere thought of Black fungus and that stress is leading to further complications. Recently, a patient named Usha Rani  got a severe headache one week after she tested negative for COVID-19. Being diabetic, she stressed about her symptoms and a mere fact that has been infected by COVID-19 earlier, she feared for Black fungus disease.

“Black fungus was the first thought that crossed my mind. I panicked and rushed to the hospital. Even if it was not a black fungus, I wanted to hear it from the doctor. They mentioned about this imported kit and I immediately went for it. After waiting for 24 hours or so the hospital called and said I tested negative for fungal infection. I can’t explain the relief I felt at that moment. And surprisingly my headache vanished soon after. Looks like the thought of another infection pushed me into stress resulting in headache”, says a much relieved Usha Rani.