Analysing the first 10 pages of ‘the immortals of meluha’

  1. Meet the protagonist. Exposition through inner monologue

Things established:

  • Today is special
  • Shiva is currently troubled
  • Bhadra is a trusted associate

In the first page itself, three important peices of information are given to the reader, but reasons are not specified, yet.

2. Important plot point introduced and dramatic question.

  1. Shiva does NOT like battle or bloodshed of any kind (important character description)

2. New character introduced(not explained)

Introduction of a character through another character is my favorite form of introduction. It helps in creating a sort of mystery around the character also the reader starts to get their own opinions on the character that the writer can later mould.

3.The most important part: A dramatic question is raised—Will Shiva accept the offer to go to Meluha?

3. About the protagonist and establishing stakes

  1. Again Shiva’s displeasure towards violence is reinforced.
  2. Information about bhadra and Shiva’s relationship and its change after Shiva became the chief is given.
  3. Shiva’s Uncle is introduced in the story.

All three of these things are developed further in the book.


  1. The name of the character previously introduced is revealed
  2. An idea introduced: There is a mention of a greater destiny, this will be present in the readers subconcious mind throughout the story until its explained.
  3. Again, the Readers are given more trivia about shiva’s uncle thus establishing him as an important person in Shivas life.

Just as the readers start to think about the idea, a violent scene takes place so as to bring the readers in an active state of mind. This scene helps both the protagonist as as well as the readers to form a strong opinion on the darmatic question.

5. Answering the dramatic question.

  • The dramatic question is answered.

They are going to meluha.

6. The showdown

Again there is attack from the prakritis but this time this scene shows Shiva letting the prakriti soldiers to go without harming them.

This is an illustration of the character description in the beginning:

They arent blood-thirsty idiots.

When will this violence end.

The Immortals of Meluha

And now in the end of the scene we see what we’ve been waiting all along, Meluha.

Amish sets up the story in such a way that within a few pages the plot is explained, stakes are made clear, relationships are established and we know enough about protagonist.

Amish nails the most important textbook rule of writing:

Set up immediately, don’t make the reader wait.

The rest of the book also follows the example of the beginning. It doesn’t drag, its precise and to the point. Overall immortals of meluha is a engaging and interesting book, definately deserves a read.