(CoV) are a large family of viruses that are causing illness in human beings. The symptoms of novel Coronavirus are common cold, headache and sometimes more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). This disease is so dangerous that it can cause death in case of severe infection.
As the spread of Coronavirus was spreading day by day and there was no way to stop it other than causing lockdown. So our government decided to start a complete lockdown all over the country to stop spreading the infection. Not only did our country but also other countries decided the same as we all know that “Prevention is always better than cure”.
Effects of lockdown in short:-
When the lockdown was first announced people were initially happy but later everyone realized that this lockdown would have severe consequences on our daily life. The lockdown to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus is having various effects on different communities of People. Today I will say about the consequences in students’ life
During this coronavirus time, students ‘ lifestyles had changed a lot. At first all the students were very happy about the lockdown because schools and colleges would remain closed during this time. Everyone thought they could have an ash life, enjoying all day playing games, watching movies right from the morning to the night. Then suddenly we all realized that life without studies and meeting our loved ones are becoming very boring day by day, also all these entertainment games and movies would last for a short period of time and then we all started waiting for the unlocking situation to meet friends and relatives.

Slowly all the school and college authorities started initiating online classes. At first online classes felt better as there was a complete change in the situation of the class’s atmosphere. After a month we realized that there are lots of disadvantages and advantages to this type of education. Finally we realized that this virus is not a blessing to students but a foreshadow of the student’s further life to adjust to the Online mode of education. The shift in education is totally different from an education career.
Advantages and disadvantages of online classes

There are no significant advantages because there is a huge loss in jobs, lives, and the economy of the Country. But speaking about the children, there are some advantages.
Students used their quality time in studying. They had also got time to explore the talents in them other than studying.
We spent lots of time with our family. We all enjoyed the company of our grandparents, cousins, mother, father, and other relatives.Watching a movie along with the family and enjoying it can only happen now at this time. We could spend time with parents and explain career planning views.

Saving Time
A lot of time is saved as now we don’t have to travel from one place to another. Instead we can spend five to six hours of the quality time for the online classes. And if we avoid watching movies and playing mobile games then we would also get time for self study that is also necessary.

There are many disadvantages because there is a huge loss in jobs, lives, and the economy of the Country. Main disadvantages for students are

Online Classes
One of the problems of online classes is adopting the online classes.The adoption rate is around 50-60% whereas in the classroom the adoption was around 80-90%. It also has adverse effects on the eyes of the students due to long hours in front of the blue screen.
The interest in classes does not grow in the small children as the primary grades have low concentration power, and also it is very harmful for these small kids to sit for a longer time in front of the blue screen.

There are many poor students who do not have access to laptops and computers; and for this reason they are lagging in their studies.

There are even more disadvantages of the online classes like-
There are no exams; internals are giving marks. This may impact their career in the feature.
And finally, students are missing their happiest days in the schools and colleges. We all are hoping that the government will make good decisions on education with clear instructions as early as possible to avoid the situations that occurred by Covid-19 pandemic. @track2traininginstitute @edunewsnetwork

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