Are Romantic Movies Damaging Real Relationships???

Let us be honest.

To start with, like everything, romantic movies too affect in both positive and negative ways. Talking about positive effects of romantic movies that shows the love relationships between two individuals, irrespective of their age, sex, caste, country and religion affects and in a way broadens the concept of love between two. If we see the earlier and even today’s version of a country like India, we are very well known by the fact that the only love that was considered dignified and pure was that of between two individuals of different sex, same caste, same religion and same age group that also needed to happen between two after marriage only. Love before marriage, love between same sexes, love between individuals of different caste and religion was not at all accepted in earlier India. But now, as we see India is changing bit by bit. There are many who accepts and encourages love that has no boundaries of sex, marriage, caste etc. And for this change, two things are responsible : 1- Education and 2- Romantic movies. Its film industry and the films that younger generations learn from and try to follow. And when these younger generations become older, they allow their next generations to love before marriage and all sort of things. In some cases, old generations also try not to enforce the laws and boundations that were earlier enforced on them in their young ages that didn’t allowed them to love freely and in a way forced them to suppress their desires. That’s how films normalised and even today trying to normalize the love of different kinds that knows no boundaries  at all. Films taught people that its nothing wrong in it if they are falling for someone of the same sex or different age group. Off course, only if the other person is also into it equally. Also, romantic movies presents the feelings and situations of both individuals equally and that helps people to understand their partner better. We cannot deny the fact that every person is different in nature and might have different feelings and circumstances that made her/him but anyhow, by  presenting love relationships, it gives a sight into other person’s psyche. Or we can say, romantic movies makes us to think beyond ourselves.

Now coming to the negative effects of romantic movies we may say that such movies also develops a particular image of love, what our partner should behave like, or what many times we address it like “Sapno ka Rajkumar” / “Sapno ki Rani”. Its not the dreams that we see about our would be partner but the effect of these romantic movies that we start imagining our partner to be identical to this or that character, which is not at all good. We know every person is different from the other and different circumstances and experiences are the things that makes up the individual into who they are today. So it would be wrong to expect someone to act in a way you want, or a character of a romantic movie you like. On one hand people keep saying that they want a real person who doesn’t act fake to look perfect and on the other its the same people who fancy about a character in a movie and rejects a real person saying that they are not the person they’re looking for. People imagine to have a movie like relation in real life and if things don’t go that way, they simply want to come out of it. That is actually the effect of romantic movies people see and they don’t even realise that their relation can’t work like the cooked up ones in those ENTIRE WORKS OF FICTION.