Writing Fails!

“Writing is powerful, but it can also be terrifying.”

  • Writer’s Doubt, The Book

Writing can be complex if not done in a particular fashion or without a set of rules. Not only writing, but also all other tasks follow a pattern which we are expected to follow, in order to be more efficient. Let us know some ‘Writing Fails’ through a step by step approach.

Writing Too Much!

Sometimes, we lose balance and exceed the word count just because we suddenly feel the need to say it all. But we must remember that maintaining the word count and explaining your point in fewer words is what we call creativity.

Giving Too Many Descriptions!

When writing, sometimes we tend to give too much description to a particular facet of the story which makes reading a boring task. We must remember to provide short and elaborate description that is relevant to the context instead of allotting an entire page for the description of a single object.

Providing Too Many Supporting Characters!

While writing, we tend to come up with too many supporting characters because we feel the need to introduce the relatives and the close ones of the protagonist in the story. But that only ends up making the story boring. Imagine having to introduce each and every member of the household and remembering each and every name! Grrrhh. You are sure to mess up!

Writing Without Understanding The Topic Fully!

A common mistake that comes with a simple solution. Only choose topics that you are acquainted with, instead of going for alien topics. However, if you do wish to go for such topics then it is advisable to go for appropriate research and read more and more, because when you read, can you write. ‘Books are our best friends’. They won’t judge us on the basis of our incomplete knowledge. So, don’t hesitate to open your friend at least once before beginning to write. Know your topic fully!

Compromising On The ‘Creativity’ Factor!

Sometimes, writers tend to just provide messages simply without incorporating any form of creativity. I do understand that according to them, it is good for readers to grasp the concept faster. However, some amount of creativity in the content is always welcome. Using some interactive, humorous, innovative, and indirect way of explaining the concept will glue the readers more to your content instead of simple imparting. In short, the message conveyed here is to incorporate creativity in your ‘content’ even if the topic is ‘straightforward’. That is what is termed as Talent, isn’t it?

Writing Anything!

Another mistake in the list that needs to be amended. Yes! You are allowed to write anything but there are certain limits to that as well. You are not permitted to write vulgar or aberrant content that could arouse the mob. You are not permitted to write on highly controversial topics or criticize any important leader or an organization through your content (unless you yourself are a public figure). Thus, you must select only relevant topics which you feel would leave an ‘impact’ and not those which could leave ‘aggression’. It is good to not select topics that are highly subjective because humans carry differing perspectives which could perhaps clash or collide in the future. Topics or genres should pertain to universal acceptance. Fiction is a great example for widely accepted genre. You could try your hands on that.

Writing Once In A Month!

Another grave mistake that reduces your efficiency in the task. Some people state that they are out of time and thus, are unable to write. I do understand that managing the daily chores and schedules is a tough job but then if, after a month or so, you decide to write a book, then sorry fellas! You can’t be efficient in that. You need to practice daily in order to open the windows of your mind to creative imagination. Not writing for an entire month and then suddenly claiming to write a book in the next, isn’t actually right because then it will be difficult to maintain a word count and lengthy manuscripts would seem a hard task to write! So, one must write frequently!

Thus, I would conclude stating that writing needs to follow a set of rules in order to make it escalate at a higher level of creativity and imagination. Now that you know some of the writing fails, vow to never repeat them, get your pen and notebook out and start writing as soon as possible!

Thank You For Reading!

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