The Best Father

I don’t believe in celebrating father’s day. 20th June of every year celebrated as Father’s day, that’s one day out of 365. What about the other 364 days of the year celebrating with you? What about the 364 days of the year being blessed with you? What about the 364 days of the year having you by my side?

It feels like I am 8, writing an essay about my dad. No, wait, did we ever write about our dad? I never did so. People are fond of writing about their mother, best friend, sister and maybe a brother. Don’t fathers deserve to be appreciated more often? I think fathers are the most deserving yet the least appreciated persons in our lives. So here, I would like to take a moment to give a tribute to the best man in my life, MY FATHER.
I know I have never made it easy for you to be my father but you have always done, and will always do, your very best. You have helped me learn things about myself. You have taught me patience, wisdom, kindness, selflessness, and how to care for others. Most importantly, you have taught me to give love unconditionally. I am sure there are a lot of lessons yet to be learned.
You’ve always been the best person in our lives. You have been the best son, brother, husband, father, and best person. I wish your father could be here to celebrate with us too. I bet he’d be so proud to see the dad you’re to me. We might have done some good deeds in the past that God has blessed us with you. And I pray every single day to be blessed with you for all the rest of my life.
People generally bond with our mothers but we tend to forget about the joy of bonding with our fathers. People forget how fun it could be to laugh with him, have a meal together, watch football matches, experimenting with new recipes, and hang with each other every day. Here’s to all the movie nights, hypothetical conversations, stupid arguments, and a flood of memories.
I’ll be with you every day. It’ll be just you and me in the hospital room as much as the nurses and doctors will let us be. I know you still don’t open your eyes and can’t talk, but I am sure you hear me and one day, I’ll see you smile again. I’ll wait for the day, till then I have plenty of thank yous to say and lots of hugs to give.
I love you, dad. You have always been the best dad to me.

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