What is yoga?
YOGA: a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Why is 21st June celebrated as Yoga Day?
21st June every year is the longest day in the northern hemisphere and has different cultural importance in various regions. PM Narendra Modi has suggested keeping 21st June as yoga day. The commemoration of yogic practices was pitched by Indian PM Modi himself in September 2014, who referred to Yoga as an “invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition”

What are the SPIRITUAL BENEFITS of yoga?
Nowadays, people’s interest in performing yogic activities has increased rapidly over the years. Attending yoga classes has become quite popular. When we hear the word yoga, the first thing that comes to our mind is a physical or mental activity. People tend to forget about the spiritual benefit of yoga. Ask twenty different yoga practitioners, what is the purpose of yoga for you, and you will get twenty different answers. But almost all will agree that yoga is a form of exercise that can have positive spiritual health benefits. The most accurate translation of the word itself is union and, fundamentally, yoga is about integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

1)Pure potential – In recognizing that you are part of the universal field of consciousness you realize that your potential creativity is infinite.
2)Giving and receiving – If you want to keep love, and all else that is positive in this world circulating, you need to both offer yourself to others and accept the gifts that come your way.
3)Karma – The energy you put out into the world will eventually be returned in kind. So kindness is what you should aim for in all your actions.
4)Least effort – Fight the universe and life will be a struggle. Accepting the unfolding of life and traveling in the direction it takes you will lead you most surely to your true purpose.
5)Intention and desire – When you clearly define your pure intentions and hand them on to the infinite potential of the universe you maximize the ease with which your heart’s true desires can be fulfilled.
6)Detachment – Learning not to be disturbed by the trivial and sometimes mystifying unfolding of life. In the end, all will be as it should.
7)Dharma – Everything in life has a true purpose or Dharma. Yogis believe that the greatest joy and fulfillment is found by uncovering and offering up their unique talents to make this world a better and more loving place.

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