Yoga is an invaluable gift from our ancient tradition. Yoga embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action, a holistic approach that is valuable to our health and our well-being. Yoga is not just about exercise; it is a way to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. It helps to maintain the health of not only our physical body but also our mind and soul. Just a simple act of meditation can help relieve many problems such as stress, anxiety diabetes, depression and much more. We human beings are often worried about their mental and physical health. But we never pay heed to exercises or activities due to the busy lifestyle. Later we will complaint and curse our destiny. It’s in our hands to create a good and healthy environment for us. There are lots of benefits and we will get to know it’s impeccable results only when we do. Start by doing giving some time for your mental peace.

 Every yoga asana has various health benefits of its own. Especially in these times where one cannot go outdoors, it only increases the importance of yoga to keep oneself fit. Early morning yoga helps in good blood circulation and oxygen inhalation in our body. lt makes us free from daily life stress and pushes us forward to do our daily works with utmost concentration. By doing so, we can lead a healthy happy life with our family. Emphasis yoga! Practice It! Stay fit!


Yoga is considered to be an ancient practice that originated 5,000 years ago in India. Yoga was developed as a way to interconnect the mind, body and soul to step closer into enlightenment. As the practice became popular in the west, it became popularized as an exercise and relaxation method, with claims to help the body’s general well-being, alleviate physical injuries and chronic pain.

The idea of International Yoga Day was first proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 27, 2014, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, where a resolution to establish June 21 as International Yoga Day was introduced by India’s Ambassador, Asoke Kumar Mukerji. The date of June 21 was chosen as it is the Summer Solstice, the day where there is the most sun out of every other day of the year.

2021 Theme: Yoga for well-being

The Day will be marked at a time when COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend lives and livelihoods of people globally. 

Beyond its immediate impact on physical health, the COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated psychological suffering and mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, as pandemic-related restrictions continue in various forms in many countries. This has highlighted the urgent need to address the mental health dimension of the pandemic, in addition to the physical health aspects. 

The message of Yoga in promoting both the physical and mental well-being of humanity has never been more relevant. A growing trend of people around the world embracing Yoga to stay healthy and rejuvenated and to fight social isolation and depression has been witnessed during the pandemic. Yoga is also playing a significant role in the psycho-social care and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients in quarantine and isolation. It is particularly helpful in allaying their fears and anxiety.

On this International Yoga Day, let us not forget our roots and make use of this wonderful gift from our ancestors to the fullest.

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