Exploring Business Approaches!

“Being business minded requires you to always approach things with humility and respect.”

Strive Masiyiwa

We are by now familiar with two types of approaches which are of course, positive and negative but we miss out on another important one within the positive approach, the one that very subtly lets a wee bit of negativity drift in so that something positive can happen. Let us name it the Pogative Approach that uses negativity to make something positive occur in business. For instance, cheating with the delivery of your services to get a surplus is a good example of this approach. Thus, the point to be highlighted is that most businessmen resort to the Pogative Approach and assign it the positive tag. However, this approach isn’t acceptable in business owing to the fact that it has the capacity to damage your reputation which may only break the chain of regular customers and as stated in the earlier articles, you don’t want to compromise with the regular ones because they have the power to fetch you a new queue of customers through feedback. Thus, businessmen must shun the myopic perspective and have an agile future vision.

Before inaugurating your business on a large scale, it is better to begin as an entrepreneur because a bigger company comes with reputed customers and you don’t want to deal with them without any previous practice. You don’t want to mortify yourself by not being able to impart those perfect customer service skills. You don’t want a bad image owing to lack of expertise. That’s exactly why, we move from basics to advanced level of expertise because as the saying goes, Practice makes Perfect. Thus, practicality comes into handy as it lends us a helping hand towards the topsy turvy business route. Everything in life surely has stages. So, a company owner must have run errands or worked as an entrepreneur which is essential as it helps us understand whether or not we are interested in business. It can be considered the first stage. Many a times, after going through this basic stage, a person realizes that business isn’t his piece of cake, which eventually helps him back off and prevent future losses!

When customers come into the picture, businessmen have to adopt an emotional approach. Though, it may be a lipstick of sham that feeling needs to reach and penetrate deeply in the customers’ heart so that they feel impressed and prefer you yet again in the future. This is what constitutes customer service. However, instead of pretending to be emotional, it is advisable to be true to your feelings and respecting each and every customer who trusts you with their hard earned money. You don’t want to dupe them by showing a ruthless image that can never be dropped in the near future since First Impression is the Last Impression as we all know. Of course, you aren’t expected to have deep rooted loving emotions for each and every customer, but you surely must possess those ethics that dislocate your intentions of betraying them through lack of commitment. In short, emotions and ethics share a close relation which makes adopting the emotional approach mandatory since every customer matters.

Every business is a convenient spot for customers thus, expecting variety in conveniences is acceptable. Thus, one should adopt a flexible approach that welcomes all sorts of services to the society so that customers feel satisfied enough to approach you. For instance, if your business includes website designing then make sure you incorporate all sorts of web related activities. You too want a variety of sources that fetch you income, don’t you? Thus, don’t adopt a rigid approach and remember to remain open to the market trends as you digest new services in. Flexibility also comes into limelight when you are expected to fine tune your services. Don’t be rigid with the manner of your services and try streamlining them with new facilities each and every time, as the market trends transform! As we all know, we can either introduce new services or evolve convenient features in the existing one to make it look like a new service. Thus, both of these require a broad based mindset which accepts feedbacks be they in the form of criticism and takes these in a positive manner to enhance the quality of ones services.

Let us understand all of these approaches through a short story. Let us imagine a company selling children’s wear. The owner before beginning this business had been working as an entrepreneur and stitched pretty garments at home which received great demand later. Thus, it helped the owner evolve into a huge business since she had gained some expertise in customer handling and felt the need to occupy a bigger platform for herself. Customers receive a warm attitude that doesn’t back in pleasing them which lures them all the more. She stitches garments even better than the customer demands, which obviously melts them. They pledge to choose her always because the love mixed with the services clearly touches the customers’ heart. It’s been a year or so, she surveyed some people who informed her that including ladies wear could help which she flexibly considers with a positive approach and tries her hand on this new endeavor. She effectively learns the same and drags attention of women on a large scale after 6 months owing to the efforts she puts into perfectly constructing those beautiful garments with unique patterns that every lady feels eager to try out. In short, dedicated and flexible approach that accepts feedback helped her succeed and have a huge business. After ladies wear, she tried incorporating teen wear and this variety gained wider public admiration. In short, one mustn’t hesitate in introducing new services or trying hands on multiple ones so that success touches our feet!

Be Flexible, Be Vibrant, and Be Dedicated!

Happy Business- Ing!