This year marks 15th edition of SNDTWU’s Media Mantra. Education panel aims to gain perspective of edu-systems on how pandemic acted as catalyst in enhancing learning process with virtual shift. It reflects upon how lockdown fueled India’s EdTech platforms. The panel revolves around key game-changers like learning solutions, impact of technology, chance to upskill and institution’s crisis-response methods.

SNDTWU Extension & communication head of department Dr Mira K Desai spoke at length, upon asking how did students cope up with online education, she stated “It was challenging mainly in context of gender division of labor. Many of our students found it challenging to cope with new reality of studying with limited connectivity and manage studies while working from home.”

Media Mantra themed around ‘Unlocking Digital’, a flagship event organized by postgraduate students, since it is held virtually for the first time, Mira shared insights on her experience, “Media Mantra helps students explore their own potential and help them connect with industry. This is the first time that we have Online Media Mantra and it has gone National with panels and activities.”

Virtual event’s education panel will also comprise ‘National Survey’. On Challenges of online lectures, Mira K Desai commented,” You can join our panel to know what happened across the country.” A Voluntary Group of eleven media teachers from nine geographical locations across India got together in 2020 and decided to take up a study to understand impact of teaching-learning in online environment. Main objectives were understanding issues of reach and access of online technologies for online teaching/learning and examinations amongst students and teachers involved in media education.

Mira further added about supposed changes, “While all other processes remained unchanged, Media Mantra is an organically generated event for, of and by students. This year it’s different in terms of being online and also being ‘national’.” 

She concluded what brand value Media Mantra holds, “We would like to believe that SNDTWU Media Mantra is a brand. It was launched in the year 2000 and is growing. This edition is 15th and we have 15 logos, taglines, guest lineup and reflection of Media of that time as perceived by our students.”

Influencer-based viral panel will give warm welcome to a string of millennial influencers who have carved a niche on social media platforms. Shradha Vyas, Fever FM RJ and host will overwhelm the audiences acting as moderator. List of content influencers include popular actor and digital creator Adil Feroz Khan, travel blogger Archana Singh, digital artist Diksha Rai, MTV’s former editor and video creator Nikhil Sidhwani. The edu-based panel will welcome guests such as  Dr Akhil Shahani, MD of The Shahani Group and Rishabh Khanna, Cognitive Scientist and founder of the EdTech firm Suraasa which is a Teacher Education and lifestyle management portal. Dr Uma Shankar Pandey, IAMCR India Ambassador. Media mantra will be held on 26th June, courtesy of Nazrana Creation.