Twitter V/s indian GOVERNMENT

Recently, there is a social media war between the Indian Government and Twitter India.The major topics of the clash between the two are as follows:

1. Privacy

2. Security

3. Violent tweets


Twitter is a platform where users can write their views in a limited text, image, or video format called tweets. The Twitter algorithm checks whether any tweet is legal or not, based on it any tweet shows on its platform. Here Indian Government is asking for permission that it should also be allowed to decide the legality of any tweet. So, there is a fight between these two on this topic as Twitter is saying it is the distortion of the fundamental right of privacy of the Indian constitution.


The Indian government is saying that Twitter India is using the user’s tweets’ data for their advertisement purpose, but on the contrary of this, Twitter is saying this is a false obligation. In, this way, there is a users’ data security clash between these two.

Violent tweets:

My tweets contain violent content and hate speeches that provoke the people of India against the Indian government. These content are also responsible for many criminal activities in India. So, the government is asking for control on Twitter in India but Twitter is not allowing to the government.
The Indian government has issued notice to Twitter India regarding these issues and asks Twitter to follow new social media rules in India and warned twitter for a ban But Twitter files a petition against this in Supreme Court. 

Who is right and who is wrong and should twitter ban in India or not?

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