Life in Village

We most of us are living in towns and cities nowadays and our lifestyle has changed a lot. We are living in a place full of tall apartments, shopping malls, all big companies and so on. But is there plenty of trees around us? Absolutely no. Yes we are living in a place filled with pollution and dust. But think of a village life? Life is peaceful over there with nature.

        Village is a place surrounded by only nature things. We can say it as a non-polluted area. People over there don’t live luxurious life, but a peaceful and happy life. The atmosphere over the village will also be dust free as the whole area would be surrounded by trees and plants. The best part of village would be the agricultural lands. Most of the people would be farmers in the village who are the backbone of our country. Yes, farmers are the ones who provide us food. Farmers are the best hard working people in the world. Also the people in villages are not by much of diseases.

         The food they eat also will be healthy foods which naturally gives us strength. They consume chemical free foods which make them healthier. They also follow certain culture and tradition to celebrate festivals. The traditional festivals in village would be fascinating to watch. All the families would gather together for a festival in villages and celebrate with joy and happiness. The people in villages spend time with their family more than the people who live in cities. Even though some villages don’t have good network facility they remain in contact with their friends and family. Moreover, people in village give respect to each other and help them when they are in need of help. But we people in cities are living a life where there is no time to spend with family and friends.

                 Children in village also grow up in a good society. The children over there learn good character which develop them into a perfect individual. They also play more outdoor games rather than sitting with gadgets. They too get good education and bloom into perfect professionals. Some children also study farming and bring out new methods in organic farming.

                  Villages doesn’t have big apartments, but houses which are small and beautiful. The villagers are happy and satisfied with what they have. They also treat animals with love and care. They don’t torture the animals rather give them good food and take care of them. Villagers are people with culture and respectfulness. The people in the village are always happy.

                  But nowadays we are destroying these beautiful villages and turning it to industries and apartment.  Let us stop doing that and also promote afforestation. Imagine can we get a life like in this cities? Exactly no. So at least we will plant more trees in the place we are and make our area pollution free.

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