How to start coding? Part-1

To begin with coding, you need to first learn a programming language. A computer can’t learn the human language. A computer only understands that is in the form of 0’s or 1’s i.e binary language. So to communicate with the computer, you need to learn its language. Programming language is a sort of instructions set that is fed to the computer so that we can get the desired output. There are tons of homogenous programming languages available. Some languages are equivocal. While some are quite the contrary. One such programming language that is most popular today is called “Python”.

Every buzzword around you today is more or less uses Python. Python is an integrated high-level general-purpose programming language. Python is the fastest-growing programming language.

Some of the advantages of coding in the “most popular programming language are”-

It’s easy to read, write and learn code in Python

Python is an interpreted language

Python is free and open-source

Python supports every possible library available

Python is a high-level language

Python is an object-oriented language

Python is portable across Operating Systems

Every coin has two sides, so does Python also has its disadvantages-

Python is quite slow in execution

Python is not so memory efficient.

But, these disadvantages do not anguish its popularity. It may sound perplexing to learn all these keywords. But trust me once you get your hands dirty with coding, you will come to understand these terms.

Surge in interest for Python

There are also some analogous programming languages. C, C++, Java are some of these programming languages. They have their advantages and disadvantages. But none of them is even close in terms of usage and popularity with python.

The growth with pythons influence is steadily increasing and will surely see an exponential rise in the near future. Tech giants such as google have left no stone unturned on using python. Due to this increasing demand for python, it’s feasible to learn python. And this will be your stepping stone on your way to learn to code.

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