Social media is for us, social media isn’t us.

Our world has added so much to it. Changes are occurring now and then having thousands of factors contributing. Changes are a part of nature which no one can deny to accept. Changes can either be for the benefit of thousands or to destroy millions. Perception and a positive attitude are what make you chose between how you adapt to the changes. Among all the factors that have given the world a chance to change, social media has played a vital role. Social media has changed the world and the lifestyle of the people living in it.

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Social media was initially introduced to the world to get in touch with their close ones. It came up as a platform to showcase your talent to the world. We live in a world where everyone couldn’t know the well-being of the world every time. Media and social media became a source of information for us. These points describe that social media was brought into practice with a positive motive to change the world. But have we appropriately used social media?
Everyone nowadays is so busy being fake on social media that they have completely forgotten our world is beyond that. The toxicity of social media has made people pretend to be someone else to fit in the so-called society standard. Social media has made people forget themselves and the people around them. People are so busy making friends online that they barely meet their real-life friends. They are busy talking to people on text, calls, and video calls that they are losing the courage to face people in real. They are so busy clicking photos for social media that they have forgotten that enjoying the moment is more precious than clicking pictures.
Why can’t we take a break from all this toxicity? Why can’t we spend our life without social media? Why can’t we use social media as a positive and encouraging platform? The answer is because we don’t want to. We have become an addict. (not only consuming drugs and alcohol regularly can be an addiction) And the only way to detox addiction is to have control over it.
How can you detox addiction to social media? (these are some of my ways to do so)

  1. Decide for how long do you want to take a break.
  2. When you’re on it, deactivate all the social media handles (at least keep yourself away from your phone)
  3. Discover what activities you enjoy and indulge yourself in those.
  4. Spend some quality time with your friends and family.
  5. If possible, go on a vacation.
  6. Spend some quality time with yourself. It will help you discover your inner self.What is the importance of detoxing social media?1. It breaks the social comparison cycle.
  7. 2. It will protect your privacy.
    3. Your mood will automatically get better.
    4. You will be able to reconnect to the real world.
    5. Once again, you will start living in the moment instead of capturing it for social media.
    6. You will get some quality time for your friends, family, and yourself. Social media has so much to contribute to us. Social media should be everything that someone needs for refreshment and development. But, it should always be a part of our life, not our life.

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