A pizza lover? Of course, everyone is right! So.. Which is your go to place for Pizza? Must be familiar with “Domino’s” Aren’t you! But do you know that Today’s world’s highest pizza seller brand , Our beloved Domino’s Pizza was once the most criticised food joint and was about to be “abandoned”.

DOMINO’S a well knowned brand all over the world having, 15000 plus stores worldwide with approximately 5,649 stores in the U. S. , 1,232 stores in the India and 1,094 stores in the U.K. is highly popular among customers everywhere in the World. However, as they say everyone and everything have had it’s history, same is applicable here.

Journey from  Receiving Criticism to Gained Love. 

Back in 2009, Domino’s brand image started falling miserably and it’s share price which had already been hit by the recession in 2008 reached down to price of $6 per share. The sales were falling drastically. Domino’s was failing badly and Thus, to take a closer look at the situation the company’s CEO back then ‘Patrick Doyle’ took an insightful look at the reasons for this downfall. Thereby, it was found that there were several blogs, posts, stating that “it’s crust tasted like Cardboard” while, “it’s sauce tasted like ketchup” and many more such demeaning comments flashed upon. The company’s image kept deteriorating. In these difficult times, while any company with such huge base and name like Domino’s would try to ignore or overshadow these comments or rather improve their paid ranking, they decided to face the criticism while being on the Front foot. Accepting it with whole honesty and taking a step forward to actually hear out their customers and enhancing their taste and quality, regain the trust and loyalty of people. Company’s CEO Patrick Doyle took the full responsibility on himself and swore to give a grand and worthy come back. What happened next was remarkable as the company literally called some disappointed customers, critics and those blog post writers to taste and give the honest reviews and feedbacks of their Pizzas. The whole team of Domino’s remain present altogether to hear and diligently take notes on their Shortcomings and obtain the knowledge about what bothered the customers and how bad their pizzas tasted. After listening it all over, Each and every chef at Domino’s worked day and night for the next ’18 months’ to try out all the different spices and mixes to come up with the best, and give a Power pack comeback with their authentic world class Pizzas with invincible taste. While going through this process they actually found out that in order to meet their 30 minute delivery timeline and to cut the costs their supply chain and quality of ingredients was pathetically declined, there were frozen, canned and low quality ingredients which worked as the root cause to these issues. Now, without wasting any time in grief they immediately were all set to turn the tables in their favour.

But How was it possible?

They decided to rejuvenate the whole Supply chain of company, which was extraordinary as it included changing the whole of inventory, processing, packaging and delivery methodologies of on total 4200 stores which were spread on approx 9.33 million square kilometers of area which is three times the size of India. And they, succeeded to do all of it within just 18 months. Moreover, a very sweet and at the same time another courageous move was taken by them that is., the Head Chef of Domino’s himself went off with the pizzas to the houses of their harshest critics and made them taste their freshly made all new Domino’s pizzas. All those people were shook to their core as they got to experience a next level change in the taste and adequately the then worst pizza brand according to them, made them change their perception completely to the state of calling it U.S.’s best pizza place now. What impressed them the most was the fact that their reviews were so considerably looked upon by such a big company and the Head chef himself was on their doorsteps to take their approvals. They started a “YES WE DID IT ” campaign and the Domino’s stock value recorded an increase of 44% in the following month itself. It sales increased up to 14.3% which was the highest quarterly increase in fast food industry, the campaign got approximately 2 billion media impressions. And, the stock rise kept going higher for seven years and took a leap up to 2000%, outshining Amazon, Apple and Netflix.


Domino’s provided us with the biggest example of creating business solutions out of one’s own problems. Rather than taking a step back from making improvements by fearing loss, they saw it as a million dollar investment for growth in near future and ended up discovering opportunities for themselves. Every business should always consider the fact that Quality and customer satisfaction are two main market players when it comes to creating a brand name. Discounts and low pricing strategy alone can give you only Short-term success.

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