Human body is the most exceptional body in the universe. The lengths we go to stay healthy are immeasurable. The ongoing pandemic has helped put things in perspective too. All the people who were averse to exercising or had bad eating habits have now begun to understand the importance of a healthy body.

During the lock-down many people started their fitness journeys. Some did the modern exercises while others resorted to the old art of practicing Yoga. Yoga has been around since the Rigveda. Yoga is Sanskrit for “union” and thus is a union of our body, our mind and our soul. It binds us physically, mentally and spiritually. Before the popularity of gyms and dietitians, people preferred yoga to stay fit. Although people prefer to train under a professional but there are a majority of people who still practice yoga to awaken their senses. Doing yoga provides people with a sense of calmness that is required to face the daily challenges of life. Every asana has a benefit that helps the human body to grow and nourish. Sukhasana helps in reducing anxiety, stress and mental tiredness, Nukasana and Vakrasana reduce belly fat, Bhujangasana is very beneficial for people dealing with the problem of arthritis of the lower back and can also help in relieving menstrual problems, etc, and the list goes on. Practicing yoga daily not only helps you grow physically but also serves as a blessing on the internal organs. It has been scientifically proven that yoga helps prevent the occurrence of any kind of heart disease thus keeping the heart healthy for a long time. Research also shows that doing yoga has a significant positive impact on the mental health. The peace it brings helps in fighting evils of stress, anxiety and depression. Thus, a 30 minutes yoga session has more benefits than an hour or two at the gym.

Aside from the asanas, there is one other aspect to yoga and that is MEDITATION. Meditation means “Dhyana”. Dhyana is considered as a penultimate stage of yoga. While yoga asanas focus more on physical movement, meditation is inclined towards calming down the mind and focusing on oneself. It provides us with a means to become self aware and reflect on things we do. Some other benefits of meditation involve increase in attention span, controls the pain, improves emotional health and last but not the least helps in getting a good night sleep. Ten minutes of meditation session daily could do wonders for the human mind as well as the body.

With the passage of time people have evolved from doing yoga at their homes to hiring professionals for guidance. Now-a-days there are a number of yoga schools, meditation centers, and other special camps who hire professional yogis to help people inculcate yoga into their lifestyle. Yoga has become the “new thing” and people are following it religiously. However, it does not matter how people are introduced to yoga, what matters is that they are aware of its health benefits and are keen on adopting healthy lifestyle choices. We all know the old saying “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body”, thus it is time for us to start making better choices starting with 20 minutes of Yoga every day.

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