An emotion is a reaction to something that happens to us, which stirs us up. Love, affection, desire, fear, anger, hatred, grief, etc. are felt tendencies that involve our minds and bodies and our total personalities. Everyone has emotions and as we grow we learn and experience it.

Emotions direct our thoughts and thoughts direct our emotions. There are soft emotions like kindness, sympathy, compassion whereas hatred, bitterness, murder, jealousy can be called as hard emotions. Some are also called negative emotions which include fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, etc. obviously there are positive emotions like happiness, peace, hope, etc.

We need to manage our emotions in our life. Sometimes our emotions in a situation can lead to bad conditions. The first step is to recognize and identify the emotions what we are experiencing. Then we must see how that emotion affects our health, happiness, personal relationships and our studies. After that we must try our control our emotions according to the circumstances.

Let us try to have positive emotions in our life which increases our health too.

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