equity not manhating

Feminism is just another word for equality. As we all know feminism is being criticized on favoring women over men. It means mass empowerment. It’s  men being aware of the need for women empowerment. All sexes being treated the same under the same roof. Being independent irrespective of whatever you are. No matter what sex, race, religion, caste, creed, status anyone is they all have the same right to enjoy the facilities provided. Who says feminism is just women empowerment? It is the collective empowerment of the people.  It’s the word that stands proudly against inequality and injustice. It is the key to freedom and individuality.

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”

 Cheris Kramarae

Speaking about my country, it’s far below in feministic thoughts. As I have already mentioned, most people thinks it as something against man. This is just because of the misconception prolonging on the very word. There was one incident where a famous television show anchor said that she supports equality but not feminism. How pathetic isn’t it? Its high time human beings define the word perfectly. Women are still below in many areas. Decisions in women’s lives are still made by men either husband, father or their own sons. The complexity of the statement kills itself. And to my surprise there are a large percentage of women those nurture themselves as well their children to stay under men in all aspects of life excluding sacrifice. At the same time I shouldn’t be neglecting the fact that seeds of changes are sprouting in the desert.

anti sexist movement
Anti-sexist movement spreading throughout the world

Furthermore, I have seen people opposing feminism as disapproval of the idea of women and men are the same. Women and men aren’t the same and the very prospect of feminism isn’t sameness, rather it is equality. Sameness means look alike but equality isn’t look alikeness its equal say and being treated the same. Empowerment isn’t women-only term as life isn’t for copulation only. As a conclusion, I would like to quote that development isn’t possible without feminism. 

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