The Dabbawala

You would have heard of the Mumbai Dabawalas. Well if you did not let me tell you about them. One of the most important and driving force behind the satiety of Mumbai’s hunger is because of them. These men do not ask for anything and enjoy doing their work with utmost dedication and love. Nothing can stop them from doing their job let it be the weather or their own injuries. This group of individuals have a 6 sigma star rating and a minute margin of error.

What makes them so special? Their unconditional devotion to the people of Mumbai. They run day in and out to make sure all the individuals get their meals right on time. They are so selfless that even with the amount of money they earn monthly, they are always satisfied. They have families to run too but they still never ask for more. People from various other countries have been so amused by their accuracy that they have even conducted their PhD researches on them! Institutes such as IIM, one of the most prestigious universities of management of India also claim and give them as an example of brilliancy.

How did this start? Well, Long ago, A Parsi man always wanted home made food sent to him in office. He then appointed the first Dabbawala. This soon grew over the years and now the committee runs with so many more dabbawalas. They are so well reputed that even Harvard Business School had performed a study on them. Individuals such as Mr Richard Branson, personally even did the duties of a dabbawala and transported huge tiffin orders to his colleagues at Virgin, Mumbai. Even though the people running with our food, do not have the needed education it does not act like a barrier for them. They challenge themselves no matter what and are a huge inspiration to everyone in and around India!

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