Give yourself a break

In todays’ fast-paced world we tend to overwork ourselves because the environment is so competitive that we forget that our body and mind need rest sometimes. You must have found yourself tired and felt helpless at some point of time in your life, right? When you do too much work and when you finally take a rest you are not able to rest your mind, it may be a sign that you need a break. Similarly, if you feel devoid of energy to continue your work or you can’t sleep at night you need to take a break.

Burnout is the state of mind when it is exhausted and you feel physically exhausted too. At that point in time, you must consider being generous to yourself and take a break from everything that is going on. Many people feel that a break would leave them behind others but that is not the case, because everybody has their growth path, they grow at their own pace. Racing against time, overworking yourself will not help you in succeeding instead it will leave you exhausted. Sometimes a break in life is very important for a better comeback. If you feel stressed or you feel like you have tried your best but still the universe is conspiring against you, that is the indication to take a break.

Taking a break could be different things for different persons, for some it may be going back to your hobbies, for some it may be to take rest for a few weeks and do nothing. All of this me-time is valid, you don’t need to do anything productive in the meanwhile, you should not feel any pressure to do a task during your break. Giving yourself a break means giving your mind rest from all the whirling emotions that you have been feeling for a while.

Some people might say that you have given up, but you should not care what they say, everybody deserves a break from time to time. If you do not give yourself a break your mind will get exhausted and you might lose interest in all the activities in life.

There are many ways to give yourself some me-time:

  1. Book yourself a spa appointment and enjoy the massage.
  2. Read a book you’ve been wanting to read for some time but you couldn’t get time to do it.
  3. Go out for a morning jog, the fresh air would feel great.
  4. Go out for a swim or go out to play your favorite sport.
  5. Do nothing get in your bed and get a sound sleep.
  6. Take a hot water bath and then cook something for yourself and eat it. Self-made food tastes great and it gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  7. Meditate and exercise or do yoga.
  8. Get away from your screen and talk to someone you like to talk to.
  9. Watch a feel-good movie or any of your favorite movies while eating your favorite snacks.