Breakdown of classical literature: In the counterfeited world of social media.

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Evidently the authenticity of literature, art and music is drifting as the world is moving towards the unrealistic world of social media. Those theories and principles of Plato’s, Socrates, Dryden and why Romeo and Juliet are the best tragic love story of all time is not among the list of gossips among the audience, rather the existence of literature, the enthralling poetry of shelly, of Allan Poe had fade up and became deadlier as the time lapse of the tech century is moving towards and giving their hands to social media.

It presents us how the contemporary world is engrossed in social media and how it has hollowed the interests of  Literarian from the art and literature and made them addicted towards social media, whereas social media is just a platform of unrealistic, unartistry, counterfeited world of humans. This article will give a brief portrayal of degradation of classical literature in the 21st century due to ill effects of social media.

Avery auld yet one of the greatest sayings of literature which is deeply rooted within the minds of all the literarian: “Literature is a mirror of a society”.

   By taking this quote into a consideration we can say that how culture, and social life is so much crucial in human society and how literature has been one of the prominent reasons, the people in the society realized the social causes and events held near them.

  Profoundly, a person in the 21st century would never know how the condition of women were then in the time of the Victorian age. How women were a part of war and give their contribution to the society.

   Yes, definitely! We can all get this information in any of the social media sites, but the emotional bondage which literature builds in the readers minds, prints in the mind forever! Any form of art helps to better understand the culture, social scenario and the society in which the particular art was crafted in the particular period.

But Consequently, literature is no longer as effective as it was in the past centuries, as social media has nearly overcome all other aspects of communications, substituted literature in many sites and situations.  

Literature allows readers to analyze different views of the current realities critically, and to discuss them from social, cultural, ideological, and political perspectives. Thus, literature has promoted culture of harmony.

It has emphasized the importance of coexistence and cooperation, and enriched the principles of multiculturalism and diversity and reconciliation of ethnic and religious conflicts. Over the past decade, social media has played an active role in various areas of life.

Much literature is written to reflect various controversies in many societies. It has also depicted certain social problems and crises experienced by various social groups.

 Meanwhile, it criticises the hypocrisy and hegemony of the ruling class, revealing the sufferings of the working class, condemning the exploitation of natural resources by those who are in power, and calling for pacifism, liberty, social justice and equality.

It can be said that it was the social media of that time, used to conveying certain messages, tackling problems and issues.

Art and artist is immortal, so is the literature :

It’s very fascinating how the words “art” and “immortality” often stand close to each other. We speak of art that is immortal and the immortal fame of artists. And though this may sound like mere rhetoric, art and immortality actually are linked very closely. Because, in a way, art is suited for communication with people long dead.

 As the literature is also the form the art, still in this era, the works of Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Wordsworth’s alive! Though they are dead practically, but their works are keeping them alive in this world.

Movies are commercial purpose:

In this century, the advent of media is winning the race from literature as people are more into the best sellers. To make any book popular people prefer to make movies to more commercialise, so that people watch movies and then read the particular book.

But the harsh fact is that after watching movies, cent percent of the people actually don’t read books as they have already watched the movies and know the plot already, so the suspense to read books is lost. 

So, in conclusion people are denial towards reading books and preferring more of social medias and other platforms.

Abandonment of Literature :

So, the question is: Is it important to just read, or to read classical literature? The best  reply could be to each his own. For, language is a living entity; it evolves and adjusts to the requirements of its users. Those who feel classical literature is the only answer to the mankind’s problems should take into account that the present generation of English children may not like to read Shakespeare (they might not admit, as it would be outlandish ) but are crazy about Harry Potter series. Again, that would be in contrast to what their parents grew up reading: Hardy boys and Enid Blyton.

All the purpose of reading should not always be acquiring education. What’s wrong with reading just for fun? We live in a world which is very different from that inhabited by our forefathers. Their realities and ours may be same and totally different simultaneously; if that makes sense!

So, we can conclude that, social media is detreating our aesthetic literature it should be preserved so that next 100 of generations knows about it.