Why Does Your Brand Need A Slogan?

“A Slogan can be considered as a Junior Logo.”

– Amatullah P.

A Slogan is that ornament which accentuates the beauty of your Brand Name by evoking emotions towards your services and company. Let us understand this statement with the help of storytelling format.

Your company is all set. You have decided on the services you would offer and on the basis of that, you have come up with a suitable brand name that would surely appeal to the mob out there! But, what if we add a cute slogan that would briefly explain your services or your way of delivering those services? That’s when you think of a Slogan which represents your company. Thus, it can be considered as a symbol that accentuates your services thereby making it easier for people to remember your brand visually that is, through your Logo and verbally through those brief subtle words that give an interesting image to your company.

That’s the reason, a slogan needs to be written well because it can leave deep an impact on the audience and can make them emotionally attached to your services. In short, one can consider a slogan as a Melodramatic Weapon that straightaway targets a customer’s heart! Of course, how you deal later with your customers too guarantees the image of your company.

Slogan as a Weapon!

A slogan needs to provide that warmth to the customer! It must possess that X factor or creativity. You want the customer to feel comfortable enough to work with you which should be very strategically highlighted in the slogan. All of this in just a couple of words? Yes, that’s what makes business a tough job because one can’t compromise with creativity since “Uniqueness is the Key to Successful Business.” Taking inspiration or copying other slogans wouldn’t be that eye catching or impressive enough to draw customers toward you! For instance, a Digital Marketing agency can use a slogan like, Guaranteed Creativity and Commitment or Trusted and Reliable Online Space For All which very subtly reassures your genuineness as well as helps people tag you as an appropriate platform that wouldn’t indulgent in fraudulent prospects since we all know, how difficult it is to simply trust anyone on the net today!

Comfortable Customer!

For instance, you own an eatery for which a good slogan could help. Let’s consider, Paula’s Creamy Junction selling cakes and all other creamy delights which would definitely be enhanced with a great slogan that would directly target the mob. A slogan like, Awaken Your Taste Buds or Indulge into Heavenly Delights would make people tempted and attracted towards your services.

Tempted Customers!

The slogan thus, explains your services with emotions which is necessary to awaken generosity and genuineness of your brand which people consider before trying you out! Also, slogans can sometimes explain the way a company imparts its services. For instance, a slogan for the same eatery could be, Crafted with Love or Hand Baked with Love which explains your intentions and method of preparation in short.

Some slogans use philosophical ideas like, Being Dedicated Always or Upholding the Customer Always which too, attract customers since people who resonate with your ideals or practically love them would willingly take a step towards you!

Reassuring its Presence! Let’s Go Dine 😉

However, selecting ideals and remarks for your slogans that would resonate and appeal to a wider section of the society completely depends on you, since nothing can be done without research. Interviewing people, having online surveys, emailing a few for their opinions, consulting your near and dear ones like colleagues or friends for ideas, could work. If most of the people adhere to a particular ideal and would appreciate seeing that in a company’s slogan which hasn’t as of yet been used, then make sure you grab that opportunity! Of course, be nice to your near and dear ones who come to you as customers initially through your slogan so that they can, with the power of feedbacks, get more customers for you!

Thank You For Your Precious Time (which I suppose wasn’t wasted with this enlightening article) 😉