DOMESTIC VIOLENCE-Suffering in silence

• Domestic violence in India between the period January and May, 2021.

National Commission for Women

• Recommendations – Committee on the Status
of Women in India.

• National Commission for Women – statutory
body in January 1992.

• National Commission for Women Act of 1990.
• Mission – To enable women to achieve equality
and equal participation in all spheres of life.
 Securing due rights and entitlements
 Suitable policy formulation, legislative measures,
effective law enforcement and scheme implementation. • Commission – solves specific problems arising out of discrimination and atrocities against women.

• Composition – Chairperson, member secretary and
five other members.

• At least one Member each shall be from among persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes respectively.

• About 2300 domestic violence complaints were
filed with the National Commission for Women.

• Time span of January and May 2021.

• The highest estimation since 2000.
• Total complaints recorded against the number of complaints received per one million women.
 Most complaints – Uttar Pradesh
 Highest complaint rate – Delhi
 Kerala stands at the lowest

• Response of the victims.

• National Family Health Survey – About 70% of
Women who were victims belonging to major states
failed to inform anyone about it.

• Only a very few approached the right authorities.

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