Importance of Journaling

Journaling is maintaining a diary or a journal where we express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Journaling is like communicating with our thoughts. We often come across people that journal every day. Let us look at why they like maintaining these fancy books.

Clears the mind: A lot of the time our brain is preoccupied with thoughts and it can often come in the middle of our work. So writing down our thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper will help us acknowledge them and come up with a solution as well. When I would feel low I would write my thoughts and, it almost felt like I was venting problems to a friend. In the end, when I was done writing about any issue, I would honestly feel good. Journaling doesn’t make the problem go away but our mind feels more clear.

Something to look back at: Growing up I had written a few journals. I wouldn’t journal daily, but I would write if there was a special occasion or a family trip. Now when I read about those moments it feels like I am reliving them. It has so much detailed explanation of things that I wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. Reading old journals is always a great trip down memory lane. I always thank my younger self for writing those things down.

Makes us stronger: We often write down our hard times. So, when we look back and read those problems it makes us realise how caught up we were in them and we thought they was the worst thing happening to us. But, then we get over it, it makes us realise that problems come and go and we are strong enough to overcome anything.

If you are someone who wants to start journaling, you can start by getting yourself a diary, notebook of your choice. You can bring pens of different colours and some things to decorate it with. It’s up to you how you design your journal.

Here are a few things you can write about in your journal:

Daily goals: Goals keep us motivated, they ensure that we complete all our daily tasks. You can write your daily tasks in the morning then by the end of the day you can check if you completed them or not.  

Ideas: You can write any creative ideas for your work. When I come up with a great idea for my article I like to note it down. So on days where I have nothing to write, I check my journal for reference.

Be creative: You can also have a bucket list section in your journal where you tick the things you have done. You can try new things in life and write about them. The new things don’t have to be as complicated as sky diving, even trying a new flavour of ice cream is included.

Problems: It is a great place to write about your problems. Below that you can also write the solution to it, where you write a few ideas on how you are planning to overcome the situation.  

Grateful: Writing things we are grateful for every day is a positive start to the day. The things you are grateful for can be as easy as a roof above my head, or my family.

Once you start journaling you will notice a lot of positive changes in your life. You will also know more about yourself. It will also make you more productive because you will be giving yourself and your goals more time. Journaling is a safe space you need in your life.

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