Cinema has been a part of our society right from the ages and we don’t have to explain it now as we are spending most of our free time watching movies in this quarantine. Cinema is said to influence the lives of people in many ways. It helps people to break themselves from the olden thoughts and culture. Movies are said to provide good pleasure and rejuvenate us. Even though it has many benefits, it also leaves a negative influence on people, especially on youth. 


Cinema has a lot of advantages if we try to focus on the positive side. It is the reflection of society. It portrays the facts that common people are not aware of. Cinema has always been a platform to showcase the hidden vulnerabilities right from abuses to murders. We have many movies portraying the different aspects of society. The films related to society are taken with the motive to reach these messages to the public. We have movies depicting the difficulties faced by women to get their rights and recognition in society. These encourage every woman to stand and fight for themselves. Similarly, we have movies like Dangal which depicts the hard work, never give give-up attitude, and the father’s support for his daughters. Movies like Dear Comrade and Jersey showcase the difficulties to get selected for a sports team despite our talent and passion. They reveal the beast-side of the higher officials who take advantage of the helplessness of the talented people. All these have always been motivating for everyone and guides them to take each step carefully. It also characterizes the truth behind politics and social media. Moreover, it convinces people to accept different artforms and cultures. It depicts family values and relationships. The artists who act in films create an excellent impact on people’s thoughts. People get convinced easily about something they don’t agree with if actors keep them as a request to their fans. For example, we have many in our society who are not ready to get vaccinated. But they change their mind and become ready to get their jab if their favorite actor or actress does that and ask their fans to do the same. That shows how fans are influenced by their fav artists’ words and we have many more to cite as an example. Thus, it makes people learn and be aware of the things that are covered up in our society.


Although there are many advantages, we have disadvantages too. Movies influence people badly at times and get addicted to them. They get deviated from their life and desperately wait for the first look, teaser, trailer, or movie release. They also became mad in the name of fans bathing the cutouts and posters with milk. Cinema showcases violence and vulgarity in action and other sequences. These influence kids in a very bad way that they start using unparliamentary language. Most of the time, romantic and other genres are just fantasy showing things that are quite impossible in actual life. On seeing these, people tend to believe that the same happens in reality. This increases their expectations and later everything will go in vain. For example, we have movies expressing college life as a carefree and most enjoyable life. But we get to know the fact only we step into our college life and get disappointed as we expected it to be the same as shown in the films. The sexual content shown in the cinema arouses the young to engage in eve-teasing and several cases of abuse that happen in our society.

On the whole, Cinema has its good and bad influence on people as well as society. So, it is our responsibility to take the good things and leave the bad things behind. Everyone can leave a happy and regret-free life if we always try to follow “Too much of anything is good for nothing”.

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