Poor leadership

Poor leaders are characterized by their lack of ability to provide direction to the team, which may stem from their own lack of vision. Chron says not setting clear expectations keeps workers from understanding what they actually need to deliver. It can cause frustration on both ends when the deliverables are not completely in line with what the department needs.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to provide not just clear instructions to your team, but also to help them see how their tasks contribute towards achieving the company’s overall objectives. Keeping them informed of how their efforts impact the organization can motivate them to perform at their best while considering their own obligations.

Plus, you also get to see how your employees grow as the business moves forward. Constant growth of workers is more vital than simply completing tasks because at the end of the day, they are still the main driving force towards the company’s success. In other words, an employee who does what’s required is good; but one who exceeds expectations and develops into an invaluable company asset is the best.

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