Career options in English Literature

Today, we mainly communicate through the language of English. It may be between teacher and students, or between colleagues or between office employees also sometimes may be between friends. So there is a growing need of English in our world .

A lot of career options are there for the students who opt English honours for their bachelor and post graduate degrees. All over the world a great scope for job opportunities are there if you have a degree in English honours. The following are the jobs which can be done after completing the graduation or post graduation:

I. Teacher : This is a great career option after doing English honours. The graduates can apply in different government or private schools for this job, or they can apply for different government or private colleges. Once their job gets permanent they are then ready to enjoy a lot of advantages.

II. Content writer : This is a career for those who are interested in writing. People who have an interest in writing or say creative writing, should apply for this job as if you excel in this field you can go into a great height and can become an author or a writer in the long run. Those who love to explore and write about different topics, this job is the best advised one.

III. Translator : The graduates who have knowledge in other languages than English for example; Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, French, German, Japanese, etc can apply for this job because they can show their knowledge and talent about knowing different languages in this workspace. Sometimes the translators are even hired by the government officials and government courts and houses.

IV. Blogger : The people who have a liking in blogging and wants to write about anything creatively by exploring the world can apply for this job as in this internet world blogging is a good way of earning money and writing about anything to make it reach to a large section.

V. Editor : The students who have an interest in the field of publishing can apply for this job as according to their interest in publishing this is one of the best job to apply for.

VI. Journalist : This job is for those who are ready to travel anywhere and know about that place and have a great proficiency in speaking English. They can explore the places and the stories and everything related with that place.

VII. Writer : This is for those who can write about anything or say can create any verse or poems or anything creative with any topic. The topic can be about anything but who have a great vocabulary and knowledge about most of the things.

VIII. Author : People who have a talent of creating great stories can begin their journey through this field so that one day they can achieve their goal of becoming an author by writing a masterpiece.

Apart from these, there are a lot of job opportunities for the students who want a future in English honours.

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