An old saying “Health is wealth ” . It’s known that more we respect our body, more in return it will do for us “. One should always prioritize his health above everything .The word health indicates that state of body being free from any kind of illness .Being healthy and fit means taking good care of the body. We all knew that healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. Being healthy give us feeling of goodness throughout the day. Body start releasing happy hormones like dopamine and the individual start working actively .Our fitness and health depends physical environment , the quality of food we eat and the people we interact with . Thus , health and fitness doesn’t mean maintaining only physical health but it also includes being healthy mentally and socially too .Thus there are some of the ways through which we can build up both our physical and mental health . The very first thing where fitness starts is the food we eat. We should eat food rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. All these are the essential components of healthy diet . Carbohydrates are the souce of glucose that provides energy to the body .Vitamins boosting our immune system.Proteins are the building blocks of the body that helps in growth and maintainance of the body . Fats also provides us immediate energy .Taking a balanced diet keep both the body and mind strong and healthy . It include vegetables, fruits, and pulses in daily diet.The physical health can be achieved through regular exercise . As it helps in preventing body from serious problems like heart disease , diabetes, obesity . Atleast walking 10,000 steps per day 20 minutes of exercise would help us to keep away our body away from diseases .For mental health improvement , it is important to have positive thoughts to stay fit and healthy in order to stay happy and maintain the mental and emotional health and fitness . Thus , it’s a verified fact that our surroundings put a large effect on our minds and growth. Thus to keep our body healthy and fit we should be in touch with good people, take balanced diet , make our body physically fit through exercise and mentally fit through meditation and yoga . Thus , nothing is more precious than our healthy soul , so one must go easy with the body .

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