My Little Childhood Friends Are No More..

Remember..Sparrows? Do you know when was the last time you saw them in bulk or even in a small group.

I recall being amazed at these little birds as a kid, the way they used to walk on the grounds here and there eating little chunks of food everywhere, listening their squeeky noices all around the whole day especially in the mornings, watching them build their nests. I couldn’t understand their chirping but each time I heard them it felt like they are talking to me, and I wished i could talk to them as well. Trying to play with birds was one of the favourite activities of every kid back in early centuries. And the best memory would surely be when these little cute creatures entered our classrooms in the morning chirping and flying around and the whole class would concentrate on it rather than the teacher.

However, as the times passed, everyone grew old and indulged into the race of life. We all forgot to find the happiness in those little things. But the worst part is we also forgot our responsibilities. Responsibilities towards nature, Environment and all the living organisms within. We humans became selfish. In order to make our lives easy, comfortable and full of luxuries and for several other purposes to benefit us we started snatching away even the basic necessities that is., their habitats from birds and all the other animals. Just because these organisms couldn’t express themselves or stand up for themselves or claim any properties on their own doesn’t mean they aren’t having a right to all these. The world, it’s environment including the space has been equally provided and rightfully belongs to all the living beings on this planet and we have no right to exclude any being from here for our profits.


According to the reports of, over 867 species of birds have been assessed from over 10,00,000 observations contributed by 15,500 birdwatchers all over the country, 52% of species show clear decline over the past decades, there’s 100% increase in the abundance of peafowl across the country and 101 species are classified as of High Conservation Concern.


The Foremost major cause found for this increasing problem is ‘HUMAN’. Top Human activities causing these extinctions and deprivations in numbers of birds include increased Human population. The rapidly increasing population all over the country calls for increased requirement of space for human beings to settle and survive due to which the constructors generally tend to destruct the habitat of birds and animals ( basically, clearing out forests by deforestation or burning down the whole fields), excessive egg collection takes place for providing/ having fancy meals, highly increased number of vehicles being purchased for easier travelling and comfort, luxury and for proving high status by humans in a past few years have resulted in a huge hike in pollution levels which is continuously degrading the quality of air and creating more dangerous environment for birds to live and breathe in. Another reasons including bird trafficking done nationally and internationally for selling birds as food, pets, leather, etc. Using immense amounts of pesticides and herbicides on plants which are not only harmful for humans but also for birds as it damages or inculcate diseases inside their body leading to their deaths. Global warming done by us creates severe climatic changes which has an immense impact on bird extinction makes it difficult for them to survive. It also destroys their abilities to fight diseases.

Birds are also said to be sensitive to magnetic radiation. Increasing number of cell phones and network towers affect them severely as the over limit microwaves radiated by the towers are responsible to damange their eggs and embryos and it even affects and damages their brain cells up to an extent.

For example, one of the most popular extinct species of birds is DODO. It were flightless and mentally weak birds which lived solely on the island of Mauritius in Indian Ocean. It’s limited range, inability to fly and lack of exposure along with fear of humans contributed to it’s rapid extinction. Humans in 17th century took an advantage of these shortcomings of the speechless and helpless organsims and killed it huge numbers for food . This, resulting in its extinction.


There are hundreds of such examples of birds and animals being extinct due to selfish deeds of humans. Perhaps, we should be the ones to save, protect these organisms as only humans are the ones who are learned and know the actual importance of maintaing a balanced environment. There’s no choice of bringing back the already extincted ones so we can ‘ let the bygones be bygones’ and now as we are clearly acknowledged with the information of the quantity and kinds of bird population deprivation, necessity of protecting these species, pros and cons to of our methodologies and activities and what damage it causes and what preventive measures we could take unlike the people in earlier times all of us should on whole come up together and do our bit in saving our Country’s immense biodiversity.