The golden days of childhood will never comeback.

The irony is when we are children we want to grow up fast but when we are an adult and we have to make choices, take decisions and bear responsibilities we want to return to our golden childhood days

I say it golden because it so precious and valuable to us when we talk about childhood days we always remember it as our best time in our life.

Do you guys remember how we used to bunk school when it rains ,and how happy we used to feel when the school used to declare holiday on weekdays unexpectedly

I know most of you also tried to fool your mother by saying you have stomachache or fever, so that you can stay at home but in vain they easily catch our tricks. we are the fools to think we can fool our parents.

we used to love when teachers give us free sports period so that we can play, we used to play so many games, playing rock paper scissors ,hand cricket, ice or water, hide and seek.

when we used to win prizes in events conducted by school and we used to do projects, we used to go to trips to museums, zoo and parks.

Especially sharing food in break time and trying different varieties was also memorable.

We feel so elated by thinking that we made a masterpiece by drawing whatever we used to feel and as you guys already for making a masterpiece the paint should be everywhere else except on the paper.

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I used to love playing with bubbles, especially playing with balloons, and flying kites on the occasion of sankranthi.

I used to love the time we used to spend playing word games, singing songs in bus while coming home ,and not to forget the card games and board games .Racing with bicycles and skating also used to be my favourite leisure time.

How can we forget all the kinds of snacks like pichu mithai(sugar candy), coconut toffee, biscuits, so many varieties and also the figurines we used to win

Waking up early mornings to watch your favorite cartoon was always so fun, but we used to be always late for school. I know we have got our own priorities first ,hehe

Do you guys still remember how we use to use glitter pens ,sketch pens ,stickers and various types of things to decorate our projects, and the pride we used feel when our drawing or project are displayed on the notice board ,participating in quiz competitions, debates were also fun

Every time we used to think of new stories to write in the exam and end up writing film stories > <

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Those days where running even a small errand for mother and bringing back the exact amount was a matter of pride and was always excited to run errands for them unlike. The things which we used to do happily are a hassle now.

I know we are grown ups and we should understand and be more matured about the situations

But its ok to miss those days and bring out our memories into our present. Its ok to enjoy the things that we like and enjoy, age doesn’t matter.

People can still spend some time on themselves, on their own happiness and don’t care about this whole” you are an adult you cant like these thing at your age, you can’t do this at your age”.

Child hood is a phase that everyone goes through and that golden time will never comeback, but we should never forget lessons learnt in our childhood.

The main thing, the essence of our childhood that is the pure happiness we feel from encountering smallest things is our golden time although short but definitely sweet

Thankyou^^ and keep smiling.