tips to answer some of the difficult job interview questions

Are you still afraid to face the Job interview or, you have been to many job interview but have not crack it yet because of few difficult question coming on you way ,that you find hard to answer ,than you are at the right article. Job interviews have always been a matter of stress for many people, as either they got nervous or had came across with few difficult questions such as Why should I hire you , Why do you want this job , Where do you see your self , etc which make them loss the interview .The reason why these question seems to be difficult to answer by many people is that there is not any accurate answer to these ,i.e the answer to these question mainly differ from person to person , so you have to formulate these as per the situation , and requirement.

Most of the time your HR expect you answer in a certain way when ask these question , and as it was way too difficult to predict exactly what the next person is expecting , you obviously can’t read someone’s mind but you can follow certain tips to answer in the best way . So here are the few tips to answer few common difficult question in the right way .

1.Tell me something about yourself

You must be wondering why did I choose this question as many of must have known , how to answer this one , well that might be true too , but trust me there is alot more you need to know as to how this question should be answer and avoid few common mistakes that you might be making. This question can either make your first impression go good or can end up messing ,so if you want to make a strong first impression do follow these 2 tips , if you have been following these well and good but if not that consider doin it .

  • Do not prefer starting by saying “MY NAME IS …” as your name is already know it is there the first thing the HR have read , so why repeating it again instead say “As you already know my name ” and proceed with your qualification .
  • Telling about the Hobbies well this is the main part as this tell alot about you , the answer to this question need to be framed in such a way that it connect with the job requirement indirectly you are applying for , such as if you are applying for the Graphic Designer post than do say my hobbies are doing sketches or art or something related with colors , in this way you can connect your answer with the post .

2. Where do you see yourself in next five years

You must have came across with this question and must find it a little difficult to answer . This question is generally ask to know whether the candidate have a long vision with the company or not , whether his/her goals matches up with the the company , or he / she is just taking this job as an alternative , so your answer should be in such a way that it gives them the assurity that your goals and the companies goals are on the same path and you had a long interest in the company . The 2 tips to formulate this answer to give assurity are .

  • Firstly do a through research about the company and the vacancy you had applies for , as this will help you to draw an outline of your position in the company in the best way in the next five years.
  • secondly try to break your plans , i.e , instead of saying directly you will be at this position in the next five years , say it by breaking your plans as such , in the next year I will be doing this good to the company , in the other 2 I will try to bring something new , or in the other two I will be at this position , so in this way try to break your plans this will give a good impression.

3. Why do you want this Job

Most of you must have came across with this question or if you have not you will be . Well this one requires your passion for the Job it need to be shown ,you need to be unique and clever enough to impress your HR with your answer . So here are the 2 tips to make you stand out with your answer .

  • Make sure you frame this answer in points to describe why do you want this job and do try to tell them about the best thing in the company that attract you the most towards it .
  • Get your skill set formulated in your answer in such a way that proves the benefit you could provide to the company , make sure your skill set do get matches up the company’s requirements .

4. Why should I hire you

Well this one can either help you to make your interview or may break it . This question has alot in it , as this gives the reason to your HR why do they prefer you out of the others and if you answer it in a way like , I should be hire because I am dedicated , or disciplined , or creative , or hardworking , etc than you are giving it a wrong shot . These are very common words used by all the peoples so what’s so new about you. The 2 tips that will help you to give this question the right shot are .

  • Try to add that qualities in your answer that are required in the Job , the qualities that are written in the job description , the skill that were mention try to frame them in your answer . for example it as mention that “the candidate need to know all the programming in any software developer post “, so try to add all the programming language in your answer so that they know you know all of them pretty well .
  • Always prefer to support your answer with some examples of your practical usage of skill in any event , competition , or at any place where you have practically used them , this will gives the surety to your HR that you genuinely had all the skill that are requires for that job.

5. What is you Salary expectation

Always kind of found this answer the most difficult to answer as you are not sure what to ask for as your pay scale ,what if that amount was higher than the normal range , that the company usually offer for that job , or what if you choose an amount that was less than the normal pay scale of the company .Don’t worry I have a solution for the the 2 tips that will help you to give this answer perfectly are .

  • Do have a detailed research of the average pay scale of that post offered by the company since 3 year back so that you will get an idea about the increment they had in that pay scale in the past 3 year and also do prefer to research about the average pay scale of that post in the market also , so that you can come with with the right amount as per your worth .
  • Don’t just tell them the exact amount (say $30k) instead come up with a certain range in which that amount lies so that you will get what you want ,decide that range in such a way so that they cant pay you less than what you want as per your worth (say $28k -$35k).

Well these are the few tips that might help you to formulate your answer to these difficult question that were commonly asked .Do comment down below which one you find the ” difficult one” to answer .

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