WHat Makes Writing An Interesting Task With Alpha- The Typewriter!

“Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted.”

  • Jules Renard

Today’s article discusses as to what makes writing an interesting task which will be highlighted by our special guest that is Alpha – The Typewriter.

Hello Peeps! I am glad to be here with you and speak on this interesting topic. I know I have been introduced already, but I would like to do that again. This is Alpha – A Silver Reed Typewriter. Just in case you aren’t aware of the tasks a typewriter performs, we were used in ancient times (and perhaps even today) to write on a piece of paper. In short, we were alternatives for pens! The keyboard used for the computer today is inspired by the typewriter because it comes with a similar design as on us. However, we refused to offer the flexibility of making mistakes. A single mistake, be it in the spelling, grammar or punctuation, couldn’t be rectified. Instead, you were supposed to start all over again by inserting yet another sheet of paper unlike the keyboards today that offer a delete key, thereby making room for amendment of mistakes.

Moving to the mainstream now. Writing has always been amazing since ancient times and shall always continue to remain an astounding art form. Even in the most difficult of times in the ancient period, writing was never forgotten. Instead, it always remained alive as long as humans existed. I will now be discussing what makes writing an interesting task through a step by step approach.

“The Flexibility To Write Anything!”

Writing isn’t limited to any topic that you must choose. There isn’t any obligation as long as you are working on a paid job and are assigned topics. You are free to write as per your choice and there is no possibility of people judging you on the basis of that (unless you tend to not select a controversial topic, you are safe ;)). In short, there is no obligation when it comes to choosing your own topic.

“The Possibility Of Attaining Fame!”

You never know what impact or influence your writing has on the audience. Perhaps you could attain fame for that which sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The best thing is to know that your content is influencing and inspiring readers which for an author, is an indescribable feeling!

“Room For Infinite Creativity!”

Writing is a generous process that houses your creativity thereby enhancing your write ups. You have no limit to imagining and coming up with any sort of creativity you wish to involve. Thus, writers are free to choose any insensible, fictitious topic on the pretext of creativity which is a bonus!”

No Time Limits!”

There aren’t any time limits honestly, unless you choose to create one! You are free to utilize your own time and people won’t be mad at you for that because writing leaves the impression of ‘a mind boggling task’ so you are free to work according to your convenience.

“Spreads Insightful Messages With Ease!”

Writing, in its various forms including writing prompts helps spread intense messages which could be philosophical or social with utmost ease and pleasure. Through quotes you could pen down certain inspirational thoughts in less words thus, providing the flexibility of Laconicism.

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“Freedom To Write In Any Way!”

You are free to write in any possible way. This facility is mostly due to the presence of various genres in the writing process. Drama, Fiction, Sci – Fi, Mystery or Horror, you are free to commence your favourite one from the list.

Thus, I would conclude stating that writing is all the more interesting when you personally have the will and interest to work on it. Though writing doesn’t come with many restrictions or limitations, the one rule that applies is, that you MUST admire the process! Don’t hesitate. The process is exhilarating.

Thank you for your time Alpha!