WHat Makes Writing An Interesting Task With Alpha- The Typewriter!

Alpha the Typewriter is here to share some interesting facts on what makes writing an interesting task. If you are unsure of pursuing a career in writing or penning your own book, wondering whether or not writing is fun, then you must check this conversation out!

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This book presents the recent researched being undertaken in the field of agriculture and social studies. The book will help scholars in understanding the agriculture and soil better for the academic and professional purposes.  In a broader sense, research in soil fertility focuses on a reduction of the environmental impact […]

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Call for Book Chapters

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is calling for a collection of scholarly or scientific edited chapters contributed by authors from different researching fields with the similar topics and interests to compose a book, which will be edited and harmonized by its Editor-in-Chief who can be an experienced and highly-esteemed expert in […]

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