Gaming, a word which is shifting its meaning specifically towards electronic games. The technology is becoming more accessible. Internet prices are becoming low. And this field is becoming more and more familiar.


  1. Arcade game: These type of games are typically seen in malls, refreshment parks and restaurants. These are usually coin operated. Pinball machines, videogames and electromechanical games are some of the games you might have seen. They have short levels in games with simple controls. players will rent the games to play. popularity of these games decreased with introduction of PC games.
  2. Console game: This type of game will provide interactive multimedia experience through a display device. A handheld control device is used to play games. Computer runs the game`s software. These games may come in a disk or can be downloaded directly from the internet. These are also played in specialized computers.
  3. Cloud game: This game resides on the company server instead of the users device. The gamer only have to install the client program. The client program will access the server to play games. These games will not require large storage and and processing power to play. The provider can also easily update the game.


  • Action games: Action games challenge the player`s physical capabilities like reflexes, hand and eye coordination, reaction time etc. These will have a great visuals to treat the player as well as give a punch of adrenaline rush while playing. They deliver a unique experience to the player. Innovations in these genre are frequent and dominating the other genres.
  • Sports games: This genre is present since the beginning of the gaming culture. Traditional physical sports are simulated here. The opposite team is controlled by Bots or by artificial intelligence. Some games will have actual sport tactics and rules. FIFA series is the best example to give here which has a record as fastest selling game.
  • Adventure games: These games involve storytelling themes with action and great visuals. These visuals take gamers on an adventure. Action-adventure games are also developed. The games will have adventure tasks like item collecting, puzzle-solving and explorations. The legend of Zelda is a good example for this genre.
  • Role playing games: These games showcase visually rich 3D experience. The gamer plays or controls a fictional character which goes on a quest. There will be a fantasy world for the character. The tasks assigned to the character are done by the gamer.
  • Simulation games: These games will create a simulation about the tasks of the real world or something near to that. These games try to copy various activities from the real life. These can be used for training analysis or prediction. These games will have more freedom of action within the game. sim city is an simulation game.
  • Battle royale games: This genre puts the player in exploration, scavenging and survival of the players character. This involves dozens of hundreds of players. Players start with minimal equipment and go on exploring and eliminating others. Winner is the last player to be alive. PUBG the game which took the gaming world with a storm is of this genre.

Gaming was once restricted to recreational purposes. But now this taking a form of a stable career. As it is a budding industry and not everyone is familiar with this field. But the professional side is picking up quickly. A professional gamer in India can earn between 5000 rupees to 45,000 rupees per month once they tie up with the e-sports company. Obviously the paycheck will depend on the performance and skills.

To become a gamer professionally one should find motivation and interest in playing e-sports. There are plenty of games out there but which game you are choosing to master on will also matter. Anyone who can play a game will not become a professional gamer. To be a professional gamer you have to practice the game you have to make a career in day and night. play and replay the levels so that you will master the levels. Participate in competitions happening around and get noticed by the e-sport companies. Make your own team and become a pro player.

Playing games is a fun task and a successful career from will be more fun. There are many gaming streamers in YouTube platform and game play has become one of the major content. Future will have more professional gamers and a big E-sports community will be built. There is no doubt that younger generations are obsessed with these games and we will definitely see E-sports as a mainstream sport throughout the world.