The Flying Sikh : The journey of MILKHA SINGH

I was moved to tears by the thought that from being nobody the night before, I had become somebody.

– Milkha Singh

The beginning

He was an athlete , an army officer and a proud citizen . He won for his motherland and inspired many . Yes , he was an inspiration and served for his nation .

He was born in November 20,1929 in Govindpura , Punjab ( present – Punjab , Pakistan ) . He was one of his 15 siblings from whom 8 died during the partition . In early age , he moved to Delhi , India in 1947 .

He wasn’t interested in army or becoming one but wanted to prove himself and others that he can be the one . It was his forth attempt when he gained access and introduced to the athletic later .

He once said that “I came from a remote village, I didn’t know what running was, or the Olympics”. And that’s where he started his journey as an athlete .

Medal awards and Popularity

With many Olympic , National and International awards . Rather than his award Milkha Singh was quite popular in media . His powerful aura worked from sports men to the Ministry .

Later in his life he married Nirmal saini , a former captain of Indian women volleyball team and had three daughters and a son .

He became Director of sports in Punjab Ministry of Education and was awarded with Padmashri in 1959. He also turned down Arjuna award in 2001 by saying that it was to be awarded to younger atheletes rather than him.

An inspiration

As an athlete , he inspired young aspirants who want to become from Nothing to Something . He shared his ideas that before his first game he was just a runner but after he earn first postion he became Something from Nothing .

” I was moved to tears by the thought that from being nobody the night before, I had become somebody. “

-Milkha singh

He also co- wrote his biography with his daughter “THE RACE OF MY LIFE ” in 2013 . Which inspired “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag ” an autobiography film in 2013 . A trust had been founded for the poor and needy sports people in 2013 due to the recognition of film .

A day of loss

On June 18th ,2021 , we lost one of the legendary Indian icon , an ace of athlete due to the post covid – complication . “We are deeply indebted to the doctors at PGI for their valiant efforts and the love and prayers we received from across the world and from yourselves,” – statment given by his family .

PM Narendra Modi pay a tribute to MILKHA SINGH in his monthly radio program ‘Maan ki baat’ . He urged India to cheer and motivate for forthcoming Tokyo Olympics .

He said “When talking about the Olympics, how can we not remember Milkha Singh Ji. When he get hospitalized, I got a chance to speak to him, I had requested him to motivate the athletes going for Tokyo Olympics”

We lost one gem of our India but we didn’t lost his contribution to his motherland . He has given a lot and it’s our time to remember what gave to us .