Not Just A Cool New Thing :How Technology Improves Education

Today, the internet dominates many aspects of our life. We’re so used to it that we don’t even think about all the areas it touches. It helps us communicate with our friends and family. It’s an invaluable tool in the kitchen as we look up recipes and ingredients. If we’re attempting DIY repairs on our car, we might look up a tutorial on YouTube. We access our entertainment online. Whenever we have any question, from the most mundane to the most complicated, we ask the internet.
There’s one facet of our life, however, where we might not often think about the effects of technology, and that’s the realm of education. Today, we want to spend some time examining how technology has found its way into the halls of schools across the country and around the globe, and all the ways technology has changed education.
Technology has improved education by using advanced techniques and tools for research and development. Technology has improved the speed of the learning process through the internet.
Technology helped to create new and updated educational material and syllabus. Data analysis and visualizations Technologies have improved the quality of education. Technology improved the student’s security and provided low cost, real-time platforms for communication.
Now there are thousands of fonts support different emotions and facts in the text. Now notes, eBooks, blogs, videos, apps, charts, smart arts, data visualizations, infographics are the part of educational materials. Today Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, smart class apps, Adobe Photoshop, stock images and many other IT sources helping to create, design, and various types of educational materials and class syllabus.
This is a big change in education through technology. And I think the goal should be to store data/information/knowledge systematically in the brain of students. And this helps them to memorize it faster during the class and competitive exams. Even when they will in the jobs they can execute that knowledge to produce creativity in their works. Technology has changed, improved the quality of education. And I think we need to think on long-term problems and results while we plan and integrate the change in education by using Technologies.
Technology has improved the Teachers and students communication channels and methods. There was a time when students fear to ask a question from teachers. There was a time when student hesitates to communicate with the teacher about what they are feeling. If someone wants to learn more about the class topic from the same teacher then there were not the ways. There were no ways to keep connected with the teachers for years.
But technology has changed teachers and students communication methods and types. It is now much stronger, easy, high tech and possible to builds long-term connection with teachers and students with the help of technologies.
Now today’s teachers understand that technology is a part of our life. So they are trying to learn the use and methods of advanced technological tools that help them to explain the class topic.
Use of social media by teachers not only helps students to learn but also help society. If Physics teachers/lectures/professor have social media pages and groups then they can invite and target students especially college students to like and join the group. After that, they can create, post, like content that is related to physics (class wise/chapter wise). It builds a great connection and generates student’s interest to learn physics not only in the class but after class. And I think it’s the biggest and greatest use of social media in education.
Technology removed the communication gaps and it is above then political boundaries. And when we matter education and development of students above then politics then I am sure that we will become not only developed but wise citizens.
Now if students have the option to learn from teachers on their blog, they can follow them on twitter, they can join the communities and overall it helps to study the subject and it helps to create a positive environment.
This way, I think technologies speed up the learning process. Technologies created the platform for students to post questions and answers. Students from different cultures are connected with each other for the class topic.
The better use of technology in the classroom and education mostly depends on our teachers, professors, and management. When they adopt a positive attitude to enhance the capacity of students then it will improve and align the education in the right direction.
But we also need to careful that our students are not motivated to follow the wrong direction directed by trolls, politicians, companies for personal benefits.
To stop the negative impact of technology on students, teachers and professors have to lead students. And it will happen if the government, school, college, university, and management boards work on teacher’s development. So that they can feel safe, secure and inspired to lead students for a better future by developing expertise in students through technologies.
Technology has improved the transparency in the educational process and in the organization, improved the staff management methods, streamlined career development programs, faster and easier methods to conduct exams and test, students’ performance reporting, real-world problem-solving assignments, and projects.
But whatever the ways you choose to integrate technologies in the classroom, school or in the colleges. But always remember that don’t ignore the happiest and joyful environment and projects. If students not happy, everything you do will not be beneficial. So that it’s important to integrate technology around the happiness, interests, and motivations of students.

“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational”

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