“Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life.” …….. Self-Help Quotes


Self-help asserts developing one’s competences or solving one’s own problems, fighting against social, physical, professional, and psychological complications, with or without the association with other individuals having similar interests. Self-help demands the use of one’s own efforts, resources, etc. to achieve things, without depending on others. It is a great virtue. It provides courage to meet the difficulties of life bravely. It is the secret of success in life.


The life of man is very complex. He is always placed in adverse situations. Every dawn of man comes with a shining hope and a whole day’s gruelling work and crushing ups and downs, frustrate and betray many dreams he had stored for the future. If his dreams depend on others whims and wishes, then his success is questionable. If for every short decision he waits for other assertion then he/she certainly under the shadow of life long pain.  It is his strong will, determination and repeated attempt that help him to overcome difficult situations. His indomitable will power coupled with his irresistible effort for the liberation, help him to rise above all odds. Supports him every moment to beat dark clouds of devastation. Being self-confident he stands like rock and defeats all oppositions. He who depends on his own efforts and resources is the most successful man because the best kind of help comes from within.


God has sent us on this earth with many gifts like a body, mind and a soul. How we make use of these gifts is our own discretion. It is the way we use our faculties that makes all the difference. Some people share hard work and believe that whatever is in store for them, would be theirs ultimately. This blind faith in one’s destiny is in itself defeating and damaging. God helps those who help themselves. We have to make efforts: otherwise, all promising opportunity will vanish and will leave us mourn over our sluggish helplessness. One has to sow the seed, till the land and plough the fields, water them, nurture them carefully and only then can we expect good crop. God’s mercy is also important because for good crop, we must have rains at the right time, but if we have not sown the seeds, rain or no rain, we would not get any crop. So, destiny or luck, no doubt, plays an important part in our life but we can’t depend on that only. Destiny, along with right efforts in the right direction, will bless us with our desires fulfilled.


The deer do not enter into the mouth of a sleeping lion. The lion has to run after it. The fan does not give air by itself. It has to be operated manually or electrically. A plate full of delicious meal doesn’t go automatically within the mouth, hands pick it up and take it to the mouth. A job doesn’t come to the job seeker, he or she has to put her effort to grab it. There are several examples of self-made men and countries. Though Vidyasagar was born poor, poverty could not dampen his spirit. His courage and determination helped him in every field of activity. Japan which was weakened in 1945 in the atomic bomb explosion has now become a superpower because of self-efforts.

So, leaving behind all weakness, closing all the doors of begging attitude and silly dependency, diminishing expectation and appreciating every little step of achievement, come, let us be winner by changing our views about the happening, rewarding world.

A wise man says……

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”