Female Foeticide

The term Female Foeticide means killing the FOETUS in the mother’s womb. It happens before taking birth, after the sex recognition tests like an ultrasound scan. The practice of any sex determination is prohibited or illegal in India. It is an awful practice or shamed those parents who were abortion the girl child. It unbalanced the sex ratio of a particular state or country.


Female foeticide is unethical & illegal practice in India. It is a practice by the families who are despairing for a baby boy.

One of the many reasons behind this is the regressive thinking of the people that the son will earn while the girls will only consume.

It has been the most important topic for social awareness in Indian society. Which youth of our country must know about it. We must empower our young girls to emphasize their rights diligently.

In India, the girl is worshipped as ‘Devi’ on the other hand, denying her existence, or we can say they don’t have the right to live. The time has perhaps come to get rid of male chauvinism and treat children as a gift of nature.

Some main reasons for female foeticide are:

  • A major social evil of dowry makes people commit to this crime. There is a long practice of dowry burdens the parents from the day a girl is born.
  • This is a pride issue in society for the guardian to have a boy in the family.
  • There is a stress on women of the family to give birth to a male child, so she is forced to go for sex recognition and abort if the baby is a girl.
  • Some doctors do this heinous act for money.
  • Women are viewed as liabilities.
  • Illiteracy, insecurity, and poverty in society are significant reasons for this act.

The The government made many slogans to stop female foeticide like:-

  • Save the girl save the nation!
  • Beti Bachao Beti padho!
  • Our daughter is a knot that ties the family together!
  • Female foeticide is a crime.
  • When a fetus of a female is killed, it is anti-life; stop female foeticide!
  • Say no to female foeticide!

Narrow minded people want a bride for their son but kills their own daughter. What do they expect? If everyone starts thinking like them. These criminals don’t deserve a life

It is said that God creates mothers because he couldn’t present everywhere. But it is unbelievable to realise God’s representative is continuously killing someone beautiful even before she comes out and see the beauty of nature.

The practice of female foeticide is vital in the early of 1990’s when the Ultrasound technique was invented to check the health of the baby inside the mother’s womb, especially knowing the genetic disorder, and this technique was being used for this crime. The misconceptions of Indian patriarchal society have a male child, particularly in the family. This leads to the enhancement of this crime.

Some adverse effects of this practice are shown as;

  1. Decrease the female’s population, which imbalance the sex ratio.
  2. Women are abused and sexually exploited in the society.
  3. It Leads to women trafficking.
  4. Also, adverse effects on women’s health physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  5. The suicide rate in women will increase.
  6. Due to a decline in sex ratio, women are kidnapped, brought, and sold for marriage.

The most preventive act against this crime is The PARENTAL DIAGNOSTIC TEST Act (PNDT Act) of 1994, which states that:-

  1. This act was brought in the year 1994 in all states of India but came into force in 1996.
  2. According to this act, prenatal diagnostic techniques are prohibited and regulated.
  3. PNDT Act was amended in the year 2003 with its main aim to ban the use of sex selection techniques as well as misuse of prenatal diagnostic techniques for sex selecting abortion

Only legislation enacted in this behalf is not sufficient. Orthodox views regarding women must need to be changed. The PNDT act should penalize and punish the violators for this crime strictly. The destructive act of female foeticide and coercive abortions has to end before women become endangered species. We must give equal opportunities to the daughters of our country. Girls do not have equal access to healthcare education and more as their boys counterpart. This is why parents consider them a burden. Therefore, all these facilities must be made accessible to them for the same. This will help them create an identity of their own.