Media Madness :

Modern Teens are taken over by external appearances and run in a race of fame leaving their originality behind. They value the opinions of their fellow mates about their beauty and strive hard to get compliments from them. Social Media has added fuel to the fire. Guys have an idealogy that, if they can flaunt around with a beautiful girl around then they are above all other boys. Girls on the other hand try their level best to stay super cool among their boyfriends. And the circle continues. 

Protagonist Preface:

Sierra Burgess is a talented, hard-working, kind teen in her high school. Even though she pretends to be strong when humiliated by her classmates who think they are the most adorable ones, she breaks down at times when she feels that no one could love her because of her body. Her parents are super supportive and try their level best to boost her self-esteem, but all in vain. She is also confused when her professor asked her “Sierra Burgess is a ________?”. 

Self-esteem starts to  sow the seed of selfishness:

While remaining in a perplexed state she receives a message from an unknown number and they instantly start being comfortable around one another. The boy on the other side is a charming teen who dreams of having a dashing girlfriend to flaunt in front of his gang. He messaged her thinking that she’s Veronica, a girl on who he had a crush since she has been a cheerleader for his football team. Once Seirra gets to know the truth she is perplexed whether to continue chatting with him or to let him know the truth. But her self-esteem leads her to the wrong choice. She pretends to be Veronica and they both chat on a regular basis. They start to fall for each other’s words. Trouble arises when the truth unfolds in an awkward manner. 

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” – Aristotle. 

Although the movie might have been taken with intentions of normalizing our external appearances and let us know the importance of self-acceptance, at some points it fails to prove the same. The protagonist herself feels terrible when she is left behind after other girls in her school, she repeats the same with his boyfriend. She is attracted to his external appearances initially and that’s the sparkle that initiated their conversations. So it’s contrary to the baseline of the story. 

The word wonders:

It’s the dialogues in a movie that make them a memorable one. There comes a dialogue in which the hero says” roses are bitchy supermodels of flowers, I love sunflowers”. This dialogue is self-explanatory at that scene. It means to convey that above all girls whom he wanted to make love with for his entire life, he chooses Sierra for her words and her inner self which exactly aligns with his. 

“To have someone understand the real version of you is a different kind of intimacy”

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