The land of forests “Jharkhand”

Jharkhand is the eastern state of India. Jharkhand originated from the southern part of Bihar on 15th november 2000. It share its border with Bihar in north, Uttar Pradesh And chhattisgarh in west, Odisha in south and West Bengal in east.

Jharkhand is derive from two words “Jhar” means bush and “khand” means land which together makes “The Land Of Forests”.

It is 15th largest state by area and 14th largest state by population. It comprises of 24 district. Ranchi is capital of Jharkhand and Dumka is sub-capital while Jamshedpur is largest industrial city. Jharkhand is famous for its rich mineral resources like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, Coal, Iron, Copper etc. Jharkhand is rich in mineral resources and also known as “Ruhr of India” ( Ruhr is a mineral state).

Jharkhand is known for place of tribal communities . There are 30+ tribes in Jharkhand among them Khadia ,Santhal, Munda, Ho, Oraon, Asura, Birjia, Pahadia etc. are predominant. The tribe have its own unique tradition and culture which can be seen in their music, folk dance, paintings etc. These tribes believed that God reside in trees and nature. Hindi is official language of Jharkhand. Other than Hindi languages like Kurukh, Mundari, Santhali, Ho etc are also popular among tribal communities spoken languages.

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