Laundry in Space

Cleanliness is the half your health. But sadly this does not go well in space. Astronauts say they run through a pair of T-shirts and socks on a weekly basis. There’s no scope for laundry in space.

This unhygienic practice is not only affecting the astronaut’s health but also making a huge trash of cloths which are burnt up in the atmosphere. NASA has taken an initiative in order to bring a change in this. They have teamed up with Procter and Gamble Co. to find out the best remedies in cleaning astronaut’s cloths in space.

The company has assured to send a pair of a Tide detergent and stain removal experiments to the space station. As weight is a big issue in rocket cargoes, P & G is planning to send up some customized detergents in December to see how the enzymes and other ingredients will react to the six months of weightlessness. After getting approval from scientists they will send the stain removal pens and wipes in the May. The company is also trying to design a washer-dryer combo that will operate in space using minimal amount of the recyclable laundry water and detergent. Officials expressed high hope in this diverse research.