New found:Sugar leads to depression

How many of you are aware that you are including poison in your daily beverages, this is not to make you afraid but to make you aware!

First of all, there are numerous sugar fanatics all over the world, but little do they know how it affects their health in unimaginable ways. Anything that goes into your body in the form of sugar to eat or drink, it eventually converts the sugar into glucose. 

The energy a human body receives solely depends on the glucose level. However, many people consume sugar containing food items, far more than they can burn off the energy level in their body.Eventually, this leads to tooth decay, belly fat, weight gain and increases the risk of various health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes in common. 

Basically, the roots of refined sugar come from sugar beets or commonly referred to as sugar cane, which are refined to extract sugar. Some go to delightful food items such as, white bread, pasta, white rice, pastries, pizza dough and most breakfast cereals are all a form of carbohydrate which contains refined sugar.

Some of the reasons for even sugar addicts to refrain consuming sugar, sugar maniacs listen up!

  • First and foremost, as we all know sugar is addictive. Consumption of sugar triggers the release of dopamine chemical, which creates a good sensation in the Brain. So eventually, it is stimulated to increase sugar intake and crave more which will make a person fall into a remorseless routine of sugar consumption.
  • Sugar leads to downfall in the immune system by reducing the white blood cells efficiency after consuming sugar, which restricts the human body’s ability to fight against diseases and infections.
  • Adapting to the old saying, “cancer loves sugar” excessive sugar consumption encourages the growth of cancer cells due to the production of insulin in the human body.
  • The ultimate lead for the causes of disease in the human body is caused due to the presence of glucose and fructose in refined sugar.

Apart, from affecting physical health, sugar consumption vastly affects mental health. To be more specific, we all would have experienced a feeling of bingeing after consuming sugar, which is caused due to a crash that’s created in the human body and mind after withdrawal of sugar which leads to addiction, loss of self control, overrating etcetera. 

Besides, We all know how the current generation has huge effects of depression due to various reasons. But surely, none of us would be aware that sugar consumption could also be one of prominent causes of depression. 

Consuming sugar doesn’t just stop from affecting physically but goes beyond that and creates depression, anxiety, irritability, unwanted emotions, mood swings, fatigue etc, all this is generated unknowingly because of the spike that’s produced in blood sugar and serotonin in the brain which is said to be a feel good chemical. This eventually creates addiction mentally and stimulates craving which leads to boundless negative effects in the human body.

So what do we do now? Is it possible to cut down sugar completely? Especially for sugar fanatics, yes, there’s an alternative for everything in this world and they are completely healthy and pure.

  • Stevia: it’s a natural sweetener that’s extracted from the leaves of shrubs.
  • Monk fruit: This sweetener Extracted from a monk fruit itself and also contains around 250 times sweet than sugar with zero calories.
  • Coconut sugar: This is extracted from the sap of sugar and contains healthy nutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium and potassium along with antioxidants.
  • Honey: honey is a well known sweetener. Which contains lots of healthy benefits. Rich in vitamins and minerals. An excellent alternative to sugar.

There are many more healthy and natural alternative sweetness around the world which are also easily available. Switching healthy sweetness instead of sugar reduces half of the issues that occur physically and mentally. 

Lastly, anything consumed less would bring much great benefits, so moderation is the key.

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