Our lives are full of colours. Every person has a favorite colour and colour preference for their things. It helps us identifying and recognizing various objects. Colours are not just for a pleasant visual experience. Each colour has its meaning. Every colour tells something about human behaviour.

It is exciting to know how human behaviour can be studied through various elements. One such element is colour. Colours can not only impact how food tastes but can also tell a lot about a person’s nature and behaviour. Ascertaining human behaviour through colour study is known as colour psychology.

Every colour has an emotion associated with it. People respond to different colours in different ways. Some colours like red and orange act as stimulants.

Impact of Colours

Colour influences the way people perceive and understand things. The colour even impacts the appetite. You must have noticed most of the restaurants or food outlets use red and yellow colours in their menus, logos, and table clothes because the colours like red and yellow stimulate hunger like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Domino’s, and more.

You must have also noticed the chocolate flavoured products feel more chocolaty if they are brown in colour than any other colour. If any food item is pale, white, or dull coloured, it is usually perceived as plain or spice-less food.

The colour for product packaging is chosen according to the need and personality of the product as well as customers. Like, the kinder joy chocolate makes its packaging containing toys for girls in pink, and in blue for packaging having toys for boys. This is because the colour pink is usually associated with femininity and blue with masculinity. Even the products that claim to be natural and organic have their packaging mostly in green, as green is the colour of plants and trees (natural).

The red colour is associated with danger and evokes alertness or fear, and hence, it is used for signboards that have any sort of warning written on it. The railway crossing has stop signs board in red. You must have noticed that the computer displays warning or error signs if any website or file poses any threat to the computer security, the warning sign that pops up is also usually red.

Some colours and meanings and emotions associated with it:

  • White signifies purity and peace. On the other hand, it also plain and tasteless when it comes to food.
  • Red is associated with danger and fear. But it is also said to be the colour of love and passion and that’s why mostly red coloured roses are given to someone you love.
  • The green colour soothes the mind and signifies eco-friendly nature, while it is also the colour of jealousy and envy.
  • Yellow radiates happy vibes and energy. On the flip side, it means cowardice and irresponsible.
  • On one hand, the blue colour stimulates calmness of mind, and on the other hand, it depicts the lack of emotions.

A single colour can have multiple meanings and emotions associated with it according to the thing it is related to.

Through colour mapping, human behaviour can also be studied. This also helps in identifying and psychological disorders.

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